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In our daily decoration, wall paint is highly valued, while wood paint is often ignored

in our daily decoration, wall paint is highly valued, and wood paint is often ignored. But in fact, the importance of wood paint is no less than that of wall paint, especially in houses that have done a lot of woodworking, the environmental protection performance and brushing effect of wood paint are particularly important. However, the painting knowledge of wood paint is very professional and profound. Novices can't understand it. Housewives like me, who only care about the beauty of decoration, are completely dizzy when they hear those professional terms

but there's no way. You can't care about your own house. Besides, you have to make many cabinets at home, which requires a lot of wood paint. For this reason, I specially went to Dulux's exclusive store. Taking the opportunity of choosing paint, I caught the clerk and asked him for nearly half a day. Finally, I had some experience. My cabinet is made of walnut. I don't want to change color. Finally, I chose Jingwei environmental friendly wood varnish. After listening to the salesperson's introduction, I learned to choose this one. Hehe, now I'm careful to write it out. It's very superficial. Don't laugh

there are many types of wood lacquerware in brushing effect, including varnish, solid paint and colored paint. The brushing effect is different, depending on which one you like

if you like the natural color of wood, varnish is the best choice, but you should consider the differences in gloss of three paint films: high gloss, semi gloss and matte; If you like the feeling of "bright hall", you can choose highlight products; If you want to be quiet, you can use half light or matte series, so you won't feel the stimulation of light

people who pursue fashion can color wood, and the effect is that they can not only show the natural and simple texture of wood like varnish, but also adjust the color of wood to fly with personality

if you only want to show color without clear texture, solid color paint is a good choice. Dark and solemn, light and elegant, you can deduce different atmosphere and sentiment through the respective charm of different colors, which greatly enriches the imagination space of the room





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