Evaluation of the latest new house decoration loan

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1、 Basic information of the project

project name: new house decoration, requires a decoration fee

financing amount: 30000

investment threshold: 50 yuan (low threshold, small restrictions on the type of investors)

repayment method: monthly interest payment, principal repayment at maturity

guarantee method: third party guarantee

investment period: 12 months

as shown in the figure, the investment period of the loan project is longer than the average investment period of online loan products, It is even much longer than the average investment period of private credit products, and the investment period is longer

expected annualized yield analysis: the historical expected annualized yield is 13%

according to the figure, the historical expected annualized yield of the project is slightly lower than the average expected annualized yield of people's credit, and 1.01% higher than the average expected annualized yield of online loan platform products, which is much higher than the expected annualized yield of bank deposit and Internet baby products

II Details of loan project

borrower information:

user name: hby498 Company Industry: - real name: accounting for * * monthly income range: 8001-10000 age: 36 company size: more than 500 people education: Bachelor's degree industry: other marriage: married working time: 3 years working city: Fujian Province Whether there is real estate in Nanjing County: Yes

Loan details: the borrower has a house located in Nanjing County, Fujian Province, and needs a decoration fee due to house decoration

repayment guarantee: the borrower works stably, has no bad record, and has no other loans

III. general comment on safety

the historical expected annualized income of the project is 13%, with an initial investment of 50 yuan. The investment period is long and the interest is paid on a monthly basis. It is suitable for investors who take a stable route and do not pursue the expected annualized income too much

min credit, a platform for the issuance of loan information, is guaranteed by the custody of third-party funds. It has also reviewed the certification of the borrower's credit qualification and repayment ability of the project, which is relatively reliable. However, when entering the bidding website, the disclosure of third-party guarantee information is not complete. Users who are interested in investing should still have a detailed understanding of the situation with the platform customer service before investing

>& gt;& gt; Participate in the bidding: Minxin credit "new house decoration requires a decoration fee"

>& gt;& gt; Product recommendation: Xinde has passed the "Audi A6L vehicle pledge revolving loan"

>& gt;& gt; The P2P product under bidding

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