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Customized doors and windows are in great demand in China's furniture market. Cartier doors and windows, one of the "top ten brands of customized doors and windows in China", once again wrote a lot of color in 2017 - spending a lot of money to officially launch the national large-scale high-frequency brand advertising plan. With the successive launch of high-speed railway advertisements such as Guangzhou south railway station, Shenzhen North railway station and Changsha South Railway Station, Cartier doors and windows has entered the fast lane of the marketing era

it is reported that the advertising of Cartier doors and windows this time is planned to cover more than 20 core high-speed railway stations with the largest passenger flow in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In addition, with the publication of advertisements in high-end occasions such as Beijing Capital Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, the strong advertising trend has reached the highest in the industry

High Speed Rail advertising with wide coverage

this year, one of the marketing actions that Caty doors and windows attracted the attention of the industry is to heavily land on major high-speed rail lines across the country, and the brand communication power has entered the track of rapid expansion. It is reported that the high-speed rail advertisement for cartier doors and windows this time comprehensively covers the high-speed rail arrival floor main channel information desk, departure floor ticket hall, waiting area central waiting hall and other prominent positions, and the largest advertisement specification is up to 10 meters × 2 meters, including the creative magic cube column LED screen, large light box, large LED screen, main entrance and exit, must pass through channels and other closed-loop communication in the station. The audience is more than 100 million people. Create a high-speed rail marketing strategy, testify for China's customized door and window industry again, and lead the rapid development of China's customized door and window industry

comprehensively improve the public awareness of Cartier doors and windows brand

Cartier doors and windows took the lead in integrating the high-speed rail platform throughout the industry and opening the "fast, comprehensive and accurate" Trinity high-speed rail marketing era. Brand advertising plans to occupy the high-speed rail waiting halls in more than 20 core cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Nanjing, covering all national trunk lines such as Beijing Shanghai, Beijing Guangzhou, Wuhan Guangzhou and Beijing Tianjin, and carpeting the national high-speed rail network, Vigorously promote brand publicity and promotion, comprehensively improve the brand awareness of Cartier doors and windows, and greatly promote end consumption

As one of the top ten customized door and window brands in China, Carty doors and windows has 16 years of rich brand management experience. It is in the leading position in the industry in terms of enterprise management, brand marketing, and terminal operation. At present, Kati door and window stores have covered more than 700 cities across the country, bringing safe and healthy home space to thousands of families across the country every year. The strong momentum of the national high-speed rail initiative to dominate the advertising of Cartier doors and windows indicates that the brand communication of Cartier doors and windows will enter the track of high-speed expansion

in today's diversified forms of information dissemination, Cartier doors and windows can accurately grasp market opportunities at each inflection point of development and take advantage of marketing. From offline publicity to online promotion, from the airport to the high-speed railway, this not only reflects the innovation of the brand marketing of Cartier doors and windows, but also reflects the insight and vision of the market. Cartier doors and windows will continue to explore new marketing models, enrich new marketing channels, and achieve the mission of "high-quality home decoration, Cartier doors and windows"

Cartier doors and windows, join hands to win the future! Good doors and windows are relatively perfect in quality, design and functionality. As a leader in the industry, Cartier doors and windows has always adhered to the concept of building a brand with quality to ensure that products at the same price have higher quality. Consumers who want to choose good doors and windows must not miss Cartier doors and windows

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