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This home decoration package is full of hype. If you have an impulse to consume immediately after listening to it, we should wake you up. In fact, there are many traps in it

◆ cheap packages attract customers

the reporter came to a home improvement shopping center, where a wide range of home improvement package advertisements on the second floor were piled up to the elevator entrance. Within five minutes, the reporter was dragged into a home decoration package company. In the introduction of the salesperson, this 28800 home decoration set meal is a big pie from the sky

Salesperson: for 28800, I'll help you include the whole cabinet of your home, including the ceiling, latex paint, wall and floor tiles. In the later stage, you only need to buy furniture, and the materials are well-known brands in the market. Our materials can be found and seen in the market

in the mouth of decoration companies, package decoration has become the best choice to save time, effort and worry. The reason why it is so cheap and the quality is guaranteed is that people are professionals, which has obvious advantages over consumers

decoration company: this advantage is more. If you buy all the materials in our family, you don't have to run around to buy them, and you don't need to replenish or return them if there is more or less. You can buy how much you can buy in a year by yourself. We are fixed. The price with them must be cheap. When the cost comes down, of course, it is cheap

◆ set meal traps many consumers complain endlessly

for many consumers who choose set meal, pie has become a trap. A few months ago, Liao Kai chose a package worth less than 30000 yuan for his house with a construction area of less than 100 square meters. Now, although the house has been decorated, he is filled with indignation whenever he recalls the whole decoration process

consumer Mr. Liao: I chose a set meal of 288 yuan, which is more than 20000 yuan for more than 100 square meters. I thought that even if I made some margin, 30000 yuan would be enough. However, after the construction, it was found that many projects, including water circuit transformation, installation of doors and windows, lamps and lanterns, and garbage removal and transportation, had to be charged separately, and some projects were neither added nor allowed. In this way, it finally cost more than 50000 yuan to achieve the basic decoration effect

what bothered him was not only the increased additional projects and the rising decoration budget, but also many problems were exposed in the construction, such as the inexperience of decorators, lack of training, the need for rush work, shortage of manpower, etc. the final construction period was delayed by oneortwo months compared with the plan. In fact, the designers of home decoration companies have already known the problem of excessive budget

home decoration designer: actually, I tell you, the set meal of 28800 yuan ultimately costs 50000 yuan. This 28800 is only for you to pave the floor, paint the wall, tile, door and so on. If you have a little transformation, his things are not included. This family decoration package actually refers to the decoration company's integration of wall tiles, floors, sanitary wares, doors and other materials and furniture accessories, and then add the design fee and labor fee to the package. It seems cheap, but it's actually a lot of tricky

add-on is the most hated word of all consumers who have experienced home decoration packages, often one add-on on the left and one add-on on the right, making decoration a bottomless hole for burning money. Mr. Zhang has been doing home decoration for more than ten years. He revealed that on the surface, the quotation schemes of various companies are very affordable, but in the actual operation process, there will be many unexpected links and additional items, and the decoration cannot be completed without adding money





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