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The application analysis of the combination of anti-counterfeiting and printing technology (II)

the following briefly introduces the application of several anti-counterfeiting technologies combined with printing technology:

1. The combination of plate pattern anti-counterfeiting design technology and printing technology

plate pattern anti-counterfeiting design technology system is a professional software system that completely uses lines for anti-counterfeiting design, which is characterized by using lines for anti-counterfeiting and can produce rich changes in lines and patterns, The anti-counterfeiting design is completed in plate making and realized in printing, which does not increase additional production cost and has high anti-counterfeiting performance. The anti-counterfeiting principle of plate pattern is that this line effect cannot be copied by software, and the anti-counterfeiting purpose can be achieved by preventing scanning

plate pattern anti-counterfeiting design technology system, as a high-precision anti-counterfeiting means, has opened up a broad creative space with its variability and flexibility, and has a very wide range of applications. It is mainly used for document anti-counterfeiting, including security anti-counterfeiting, Bill anti-counterfeiting, card, passport, ID card anti-counterfeiting, etc. for example, all the elements with lines on paper money are plate patterns

the main function of plate patterns is security and anti-counterfeiting, but it is not limited to coins. With the development of society, plate patterns are used in the printing of bills, negotiable securities, certificates, trademarks, etc., and begin to move towards a broader packaging market, such as cigarette and wine packaging, cosmetics packaging, drug packaging, food packaging, beverage packaging and anti-counterfeiting

domestic companies that design and produce such software include founder of Peking University and Mengtai technology development company in Wuhan. Users include banknote printing plants, packaging printing plants, anti-counterfeiting printing plants, trademark and bill design companies. Some enterprises with foresight have taken the lead in applying advanced banknote anti-counterfeiting technologies, including pattern design, to the packaging and trademarks of famous and high-quality products, such as the seal of sun god oral liquid, entry license, Mengjiao clothing label, etc. Some trademark and packaging anti-counterfeiting companies also came into being

Tianjin Changlu Zhimei Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has provided a perfect comprehensive anti-counterfeiting design scheme for Tongrentang medicine, Ningxia red wine, Luzhou old kiln, Motorola and Xinjiang agricultural seeds by using Barco's pattern design software, which has been highly praised. Changlu Zhimei has been designated as a professional export supplier by Motorola, Schneider, Samsung, LG, Coca Cola and other large multinational companies, and has become the best anti-counterfeiting design center in China

at present, China's anti-counterfeiting logo has few technical content, low appearance grade, many low-level repetitions, and few high-end exquisite anti-counterfeiting technology products, which is far from meeting the needs of the market, let alone in line with the international market. One of the fundamental reasons is that the design means are backward and the software level is not high

the product is the symbol of the enterprise, and the packaging also marks the image of the product. The technical content of packaging is also an important part of product quality. A good packaging anti-counterfeiting logo must have a good design, and a good design must have a good design software

2. The combination of laser holographic technology and packaging printing

laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology is one of the earliest anti-counterfeiting technologies developed in China, and it is also a modern laser application achievement that has received widespread attention in the world. It has been widely concerned and applied in the anti-counterfeiting field with its complex holographic imaging principle and the flashing effect of color speckle. With the continuous innovation and development of holographic technology, many new technologies based on holograms have emerged, making holographic anti-counterfeiting technology have the characteristics of first-line anti-counterfeiting and second-line anti-counterfeiting. It has become one of the most widely used anti-counterfeiting technologies with the strongest anti-counterfeiting strength, and has been widely used in the field of printing and packaging with its unique artistic effect and anti-counterfeiting performance. At present, this technology is being integrated with other anti-counterfeiting technologies, continuously improved and expanded, and has broad development space

several typical application modes of holographic anti-counterfeiting technology in packaging and printing are listed below

1) application of self-adhesive holographic anti-counterfeiting logo

in recent years, holographic anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive logo technology has been adopted on the packaging of a large number of famous and high-quality goods in China, and comprehensive encryption and other anti-counterfeiting technologies have been adopted in the logo, which has a large technical content, mainly to prevent counterfeits

2) holographic anti-counterfeiting hot stamping materials are used in packaging and printing

in recent years, holographic anti-counterfeiting hot stamping materials are perfectly combined with packaging on important cards such as banknote printing, visa and credit card, as well as high-end packaging boxes such as tobacco, cosmetics and medicinal materials, which improves the artistry and grade of packaging, and thoroughly and effectively prevents the repeated use of anti-counterfeiting marks. Therefore, they meet the requirements of green environmental protection packaging. For example, the use of holograms on cigarette packaging has enhanced the popularity and credibility of the brand. It is an attractive and eye-catching packaging, and it is also a new highlight of cigarette package anti-counterfeiting packaging and printing. This kind of three-dimensional hologram and color printing technology will get some strange effects. Johnson Matthey said that it will add icing on the cake to the booming tobacco packaging and printing industry in China

3) composite and printing of aluminum plated holographic film and packaging materials

composite the pressed aluminum plated holographic film with the substrate (paper or plastic film, etc.) to make a laser holographic anti-counterfeiting packaging material, and then print on the holographic film, which is a revolutionary change to the traditional plane static printing. This technology presents three-dimensional on the plane and creates dynamic in the static, Known as "the 21st digital printing technology for measuring and displaying impact strength and average value", it has a broad market prospect

4) laser holographic paper is used for packaging and printing

laser holographic paper attaches the holographic information layer directly to the white cardboard and other substrates, and there is no plastic film on the surface. Considering the factors such as green packaging and printing, laser holographic paper is used for packaging and printing more and more products, such as the packaging of tobacco, toothpaste, beer label, drugs, etc

China has formed a new holographic packaging and holographic printing industry, that is, a new technology integrating anti-counterfeiting and packaging printing, which promotes the upgrading of the traditional packaging and printing industry and increases the technical content of packaging products, and has become a new economic growth point of the packaging and printing industry. At present, there are more than 300 enterprises engaged in product research, production and sales of holographic anti-counterfeiting technology in China, with an annual output value of more than 20 billion yuan. Among them, there are more than 60 manufacturers with production capacity and good benefits. The representative ones are Beijing Sanyou Laser Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Huagong image Co., Ltd., Shandong photoelectric instrument factory, etc

3. Combination of anti-counterfeiting materials and printing

the most important anti-counterfeiting materials for printing are paper and ink

1). Anti counterfeiting technology based on ink

anti counterfeiting ink is a special printing ink processed by adding anti-counterfeiting materials with special properties to the ink binder. Modern anti-counterfeiting ink refers to special ink that can represent modern anti-counterfeiting technology, meet the highest anti-counterfeiting ink requirements, and meet the requirements of "environmental protection, simple detection and monitoring". At present, modern anti-counterfeiting ink products have eight categories: first, UV laser fluorescent ink; Second, the sunlight stimulates the color changing ink; Third, heat sensitive anti-counterfeiting ink; Fourth, chemical reaction color changing ink; Fifth, intelligent machine-readable anti-counterfeiting ink; Sixth, multi-functional or comprehensive anti-counterfeiting ink (laser holography plus fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink); 7. Other special inks; Eighth, infrared laser anti-counterfeiting ink. The specific technical implementation is to print the ink on the tickets, product trademarks and packaging. This kind of anti-counterfeiting technology is characterized by simple implementation, low cost, good concealment, bright colors, convenient inspection, strong reproducibility and various color changes. It is the preferred anti-counterfeiting technology for banknotes, tickets and trademarks in various countries. For example, the main anti-counterfeiting methods adopted by many excellent tobacco and alcohol brands are as follows: first, paper and plastic film offset fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink, It is used for invisible anti-counterfeiting printing on large and small packaging trademarks, including green, red, yellow, purple, etc; Second, temperature anti-counterfeiting ink, blue, purplish red, black becomes colorless, etc; Third, multi-functional anti-counterfeiting ink, such as double skin fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink, temperature sensitive fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink, etc

2). Paper based anti-counterfeiting technology

anti counterfeiting paper mainly has three types: one type is mainly used for banknotes, various securities, stocks and bills; The second category is mainly used for important certificates, general certificates, etc; The three categories are mainly used for anti-counterfeiting printing of product specifications, trademarks and commodity packaging. The biggest feature of anti-counterfeiting paper is that it is anti-counterfeiting before printing or packaging, that is, the paper has the corresponding anti-counterfeiting function when it is formed. For example, the watermark paper forms a pre designed watermark graphic printing plate in the papermaking process, and it can also add safety lines, fluorescent fibers, etc. to the paper according to the user's requirements. In addition to being used in coinage, this paper has been used in the printing of packaging 3-yuan butyl rubber waterproof coiled material jc/t645 ⑴ 996

the use of anti-counterfeiting paper is the most effective and the lowest cost method in anti-counterfeiting technology. The anti-counterfeiting paper currently used mainly includes the following categories: first, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting paper, because it has the remarkable characteristics of overall anti-counterfeiting, some cigarettes, wine, cosmetics, food, medicine and health care products have begun to try, and have achieved good economic benefits. Especially in the anti-counterfeiting of cigarette packets, it has a very broad application prospect; Second, laser hot stamping materials have been adopted by many well-known domestic manufacturers according to the verification data of experimental machines, such as the packaging of cigarette boxes, toothpaste and other products; Thirdly, watermark paper is an effective anti-counterfeiting technology recognized by anti-counterfeiting experts at home and abroad. The "nano watermark paper" developed by Beijing Institute of nuclear aviation new technology has been listed as a national new product and a national key scientific and technological research project in the tenth five year plan. Its principle is to use the randomness and microcosmism of micro particles to get rid of people's increasingly strong imitation ability. This is a kind of packaging material that can not be imitated. It is the first in China and has reached the international advanced level. In recent years, it has been used in the anti-counterfeiting of customs declaration forms and achieved remarkable social benefits. This kind of paper has a good development prospect; Fourth, security paper is a special paper made by adding some components to the paper. It can produce physical and chemical effects and show some characteristics under specific conditions; Fifthly, the anti copy paper adopts one or several anti-counterfeiting technology products on the original to achieve the effect that the copy does not have the anti-counterfeiting characteristics of the original; Sixth, the double-layer invisible digital anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive label paper adopts the random special invisible digital anti-counterfeiting principle and production process to effectively prevent the re circulation of labels and product packaging

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