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Analysis on the application of alkali liquor filter in bottle washing machine I. The significance of alkali liquor recycling after several shifts of use, the activity of alkali liquor in bottle washing machine is reduced. If we continue to use bolt pulling dumb hole filter, it will become more and more important Ъ The leaves and ducks are all in the same boat

if the substances that affect the activity of the lye can be removed, the lye can be recycled and its use mission can be greatly extended. This can not only save a lot of lye, but also save the energy required to heat the lye from room temperature to 85 ℃, and save water consumption. These favorable factors can significantly reduce the production cost of beer for beer manufacturers. In addition, the recycling of alkali liquor can greatly reduce the discharge of alkali liquor, which is also good for environmental protection. In addition, since the service life of the lye is greatly extended, the workers will no longer need to change the lye as frequently as before, which will greatly reduce the labor intensity of the workers. This is undoubtedly very important for enterprises that pay more and more attention to humanized management

alkali liquor recycling is a concrete reflection of responding to the call of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to build an energy-saving society. Starting from the recycling of alkali liquor and prolonging the service life of alkali liquor, all beer manufacturers can achieve the purpose of saving alkali liquor consumption, saving energy, improving labor intensity, reducing waste alkali discharge and improving economic benefits

II. Difficulties of alkali liquor recycling

the above describes various benefits of alkali liquor recycling, but there are still many difficulties to realize alkali liquor recycling

1. First of all, it is necessary to find out what substances reduce the activity of lye, so that we can reduce blindness, and it is possible to apply the right medicine to the case and take corresponding measures to remove these substances. According to relevant studies, there are two main substances that affect the activity of alkali liquor, one is paper fiber, the other is aluminum salt. These two substances are the main culprits causing the increase of alkaline liquor turbidity. The paper fiber is formed because the label paper on the beer bottle is broken and gradually decomposed into alkali liquor. It is in a soft bending state rather than a rigid state, so it is difficult to remove it by ordinary methods. Aluminum salt is formed by dissolving aluminum foil in alkaline solution. Nowadays, many beer bottles are labeled with neck labels, which are made of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil dissolves quickly in high-temperature alkaline solution, and aluminum salt is formed after chemical reaction. Aluminum salt is a kind of viscous substance, which increases the surface tension of the alkali liquor, makes the permeability of the alkali liquor to the label paper on the beer bottle worse, and reduces the stripping performance of the alkali liquor to the label paper, which shows that the labels on the beer bottle can not be cleaned. Therefore, aluminum salt is one of the main substances to reduce the activity of alkali liquor, and it is also one of the main objects that we must remove

2. Alkali liquor is corrosive, especially at high temperature above 85 ℃. This article alone imposes great restrictions on the material of alkali liquor treatment equipment and increases the difficulty of equipment sealing

3. Since bottle washing is continuous, that is to say, substances that reduce the activity of alkali liquor are also produced continuously, which requires that the equipment for treating alkali liquor also have continuous working capacity. Otherwise, the turbidity of alkali liquor is too large, which will seriously affect the bottle washing effect. This is the main reason why the effect of using large recovery tank to recover alkali liquor by natural precipitation method is not obvious

4. Large alkali liquor treatment capacity. The alkali liquor is mainly concentrated in the alkali tank 1 of the bottle washing machine. The volume of the first caustic soda tank varies greatly depending on the model of the bottle washing machine. There are more than 20 copper intensive processing enterprises with a value of more than 1billion yuan in Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone, but it is generally 15m3? 5M3, that is, continuous alkali liquor treatment is required

5. As the layout of beer filling workshops is relatively compact, it is unlikely that there is a large space left for the alkali liquor treatment equipment. Therefore, the alkali liquor treatment equipment is required to be small and compact in the preparation for China trade

6. High degree of automation and equipment reliability are required. Generally, the brewery has a fixed number of workers in the workshop. It is unlikely that one operator will be specially assigned to the alkali liquor treatment equipment. Generally, other workers will hold the post concurrently. Therefore, the alkali liquor treatment equipment must have the function of automatic cleaning, have a high degree of automation, and have a high operational reliability, so as to meet the actual requirements of beer manufacturers. In addition, the alkali liquor treatment equipment should preferably have the functions of automatic protection and automatic alarm

III. characteristics of full-automatic self-cleaning alkali liquor filter

Hangzhou Piper Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. fully recognizes the importance of alkali liquor recycling, integrates scientific research, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, effectively solves a series of difficulties in alkali liquor recycling, and creatively develops a full-automatic self-cleaning alkali liquor filter on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology. At present, it has been applied in many beer groups and has been well received by users. The full-automatic self-cleaning alkali filter developed by Hangzhou Piper mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. has the following characteristics:

1 Special filter structure can effectively remove paper fiber and aluminum salt. The filter of alkali liquor filter adopts a special triangle structure, which can not only effectively remove paper fiber and aluminum salt, but also create good conditions for self-cleaning, which is conducive to improving the self-cleaning effect and ensuring smooth filtration

2. The alkali liquor filter is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant

3. Straw, scraper and steel brush are set in the filter of alkali liquor filter, which can completely remove the dirt on the filter and ensure the automatic cleaning effect. This is one of the iconic designs of the alkali filter

4. The alkali filter has a certain inclination angle, so that the shear force between the scraper and the filter will be generated during self-cleaning, which will cut up the dirt attached to the filter wall and remove it through the self-cleaning valve, so as to improve the self-cleaning effect

5. Completely realize filtration, and make a reliable guarantee for maintaining the activity of alkali liquor. Complete filtration can remove the paper fiber and aluminum salt continuously produced by the bottle washer in time, so as to ensure that the turbidity and surface tension of the alkali liquor are controlled within a reasonable range, so as to prolong the service life of the alkali liquor

6. The double safety design implements the self-cleaning function to ensure that the filter is unblocked. The primary safety is that when the pressure difference inside and outside the filter reaches the set value, the filter will automatically execute the self-cleaning procedure; The double insurance means that when the last self-cleaning reaches a certain time, the filter will also automatically execute the self-cleaning procedure

7. Tap water is introduced into the alkali filter during self-cleaning. First, it can increase the pressure of filtered fluid and improve the self-cleaning effect; Second, tap water can be used to replace the discharged alkali liquor, so as to save the discharge of alkali liquor; Third, it can reduce the lift requirements of the filter booster pump and save electric energy

8. The automatic control system of alkali liquor filter is very advanced. All operations can be realized through several buttons on the control panel. Even if it is manual operation, it only needs to be completed through button operation. In addition, the alkali liquor filter has the functions of overpressure alarm and automatic shutdown when the current is too large

9. There are many types of alkali liquor filter, with filtration flow of 25m3/h ~ 45m3/h. Users can select the corresponding type of filter according to the volume of the first alkali tank

IV. analysis of economic and social benefits of alkali liquor filter

a good new product should not only bring economic benefits to users, but also bring social benefits at the expense of environmental resources. This is the standard to measure the quality of a product's main engine installation. The fully automatic self-cleaning alkali liquor filter was successfully developed based on the urgent desire of many domestic beer manufacturers to improve the use effect of alkali liquor, reduce production costs and improve environmental protection, and to implement the call of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to accelerate the construction of an energy-saving society, rely on scientific and technological progress and innovation, and build a resource-saving technical support system, It reflects the valuable feeling of the piper people

the use of alkali liquor filter can bring great economic and social benefits to beer manufacturers. The specific analysis is as follows

economic benefit analysis: economic benefits are divided into direct economic benefits and indirect economic benefits. The direct economic benefit is that the use of alkali liquor filter can save the amount of bottle washing agent for beer manufacturers, save the steam required to heat the alkali liquor from room temperature to working temperature, and reduce the discharge and treatment of wastewater. According to the calculation of the user manufacturers, each alkali liquor filter can create more than 100000 yuan of direct economic benefits for the beer manufacturers every year. The indirect economic benefit is that the use of alkali filter can delay the blockage of spray pipe to a great extent, thus reducing the shutdown and maintenance time of spray pipe; In addition, the use of the alkali liquor filter can prolong the service life of the alkali liquor and save the time for users to replace the alkali liquor, which has special significance in the peak season when the beer supply exceeds the demand. According to empirical data, due to the reduction of downtime, each alkali liquor filter can produce more than 1000 kiloliters of beer for users in each peak production season, so as to improve the production efficiency and economic benefits of users. The practice shows that users can recover the cost of alkali liquor filter within one to two years

social benefit analysis: with the development of China's economy, the society of enterprises has been paid more and more attention. This has been embodied in this year's activities to build an energy-saving society. Energetically saving energy, water and raw materials is the key work that the Party Central Committee and the State Council put forward to build an energy-saving society in the near future. The use of alkali liquor filter can greatly reduce the discharge of alkali water, which is conducive to environmental protection. This is the concrete embodiment of the enterprise society, and also the concrete embodiment of keeping pace with the times and actively responding to the call to build an energy-saving society

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