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Application and Capriccio of HD camera in shooting in northern Europe in March, 2004, I went to northern Europe, Finland and Denmark with the column team of Zhengda variety for HD TV shooting. In March, Beijing is already warm in spring, but at this time, northern Europe is still covered with snow, and ice and snow is its business card

we are carrying an hdw-750ce HD camera, equipped with a color image finder and a 6-inch LCD monitor for monitoring playback. In March, northern Europe is still in winter. The snow covered cities are like a mysterious fairy tale kingdom, which makes us forget to return. For those engaged in photography, I'm afraid the most difficult thing to shoot is snow, and the most difficult thing to expose is snow. To accurately master the exposure, it is not only necessary to have excellent photographic skills, but also a severe technical test for the camera. For the smooth shooting of this trip, we made corresponding preparations before departure. We found that the local daytime temperature in March was about ten degrees below zero, which was about the same as the night temperature in Beijing in winter with the specified experimental force (f) pressed into the surface of the pattern, so no thermal protection measures were taken. However, at low temperature, the service time of the battery will be relatively reduced. In addition, the Color Image Finder consumes a large amount of power, so some batteries are brought. In order to adapt to the local shooting environment, we have made some adjustments to the camera menu. Firstly, in order to give full play to the advantages of HD TV, we adjusted the G software system to display the experimental force and displacement AMMA curve in real time according to the usual practice, and opened the detailed outline; Secondly, considering that most of the scenes photographed are against the background of snow, and the overall brightness of the picture is too large, in order to ensure that the snow photographed has a sense of hierarchy, if the usual method of adding inflection points will reduce the hierarchy and contrast of the whole picture, we designed a scheme to use negative gain. The principle is very simple. Just like the gain switch needs to be turned on when the light is dark, the gain can be reduced when the picture is bright, that is, the negative gain can be used to increase the contrast; Third, we consider that properly increasing the chromaticity will make the picture more bright and beautiful; Finally, we are concerned about whether the true color restoration can be achieved in high latitudes where the color temperature is usually high and changes rapidly. Through this actual shooting, I felt that some preparatory schemes could not achieve the desired results. For example, the skin color of Nordic people tends to be red. If the chromaticity is increased, the shooting effect will look very fake, and hydrofluoric acid and nuclear fuel precursors. Moreover, increasing the color has no meaning on the snow background. Some worries are unnecessary. In the high color temperature environment, the camera still has accurate color restoration, rich tone and real texture

exposure and focus are also very important during camera shooting. As mentioned above, the image with snow as the background is not of large contrast but of high average brightness, so the exposure shall be subject to the brightness of the main body of the image. Generally, we think it is difficult to master the focus of HD shooting. However, due to the high brightness of the environment, the aperture can be opened to, the depth of field is very long, and it is easy to focus and follow. In addition, the display range of the color image finder has reached 2.7 inches, which is easier to see the picture than the 2-inch display area of the common black-and-white image finder

after years of HD TV shooting practice, I think TV shooting is different from making movies and TV dramas. There is plenty of time to shoot movies and TV dramas. Sometimes it takes almost a day to shoot a scene. There is enough time to adjust shooting parameters. TV cameras are usually in a hurry and often change the shooting location. We don't have too much time and conditions to adjust the camera menu to achieve a shooting effect without pellethane TPU, the best substitute for PVC in medical equipment manufacturing. And as we all know, to monitor and see the accurate shooting effect on the spot, we should theoretically be equipped with a 20 inch HD monitor, which is almost impossible for TV shooting. The results of this Nordic shooting show that it is not necessary to adjust the camera menu too much. Using preset values, as long as the exposure is accurate and the focus is clear, you can also shoot good works. Another point is that the Nordic countries attach great importance to environmental protection, and the air cleanliness is very good, which is very beneficial to shooting clear pictures, which may not be possible in some parts of China. In just over ten days of shooting in northern Europe, we recorded more than 20 HD material tapes. Whenever the director sees these beautiful pictures in the later computer room, he always sincerely praises the outstanding contribution made by the development of high-definition TV technology to improving the production quality of TV programs. (end)

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