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Analysis of factors affecting the packaging of dairy products in China

with the rapid development of China's dairy industry, there have been some developments in the packaging of dairy products. At present, the following factors affect the packaging of dairy products in China:

1 Speed up the innovation of products

the focus of dairy marketing is to constantly analyze the taste preferences of consumers, consumption impossible weighing habits, economic ability, age level and other indicators, develop innovative products, and the speed of launching new products will be faster and faster. For example, 60% and 70% of the existing 130 varieties of Shanghai Guangming have been developed in recent 5 or 6 years, and are ready to launch new and updated dairy products at any time. If the packaging supplier just holds a few traditional and old products and asks for orders, the insiders of Huafeng spandex () cannot reveal that it can adapt to the rapidly changing packaging needs of production enterprises. On the basis of accelerating the construction of its own technical level, product structure adjustment and new product development, we should actively launch the unique packaging solution of adjusting the potentiometer fine-tuning knob of the industrial control box under working conditions. 4

2. Production enterprises cultivate their own dairy packaging engineers

Europe and the United States and other dairy developed countries have special educational institutions to train such personnel. They play a decisive role in dairy enterprises. Through market prediction, cost accounting, model selection, design, equipment configuration, product sales and other links of decision-making, coupled with a keen information tentacle, they can adjust the packaging situation of the enterprise in time

3. The formation of different consumer groups

large, medium and small cities have gradually formed their own consumption habits and groups, which are suitable for different packaging products At present, the differentiation of this group is becoming increasingly clear. Packaging products will also be applied to products at different levels with different market positioning of dairy enterprises. Packaging enterprises should actively adjust their product structure

4. High grade paper, as an important raw material for dairy packaging, will play an important role in dairy packaging. While large foreign paper suppliers such as Stora Enso and portlachi are deeply interested in China's dairy industry and launch high-quality products, domestic paper-making enterprises are also actively overcoming various technical barriers to achieve the localization of special packaging materials and reduce the cost of packaging

5. Plastics are more widely used

the development of plastic science and technology, such as material technology, processing and manufacturing technology, aseptic technology, are developing with a good momentum. It is an inevitable trend that plastics are widely used in dairy packaging

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