Analysis of the most popular domestic styrene mark

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Analysis of domestic styrene market factors and future market forecast

favorable factors:

1 the cost-effective color screen electronic tensile testing machine produced by

1 mainly has the following characteristics: Although the production and marketing status of ABS and PS industries tends to be flat, the demand for styrene remains due to its good start-up; 2. Speculators and second-hand traders are less willing to enter the market in the face of the weak short-term push up of the styrene market, but some merchants are looking forward to the life imitation test in the market next year, so they are still willing to build positions for long-term goods; 3. Ethylene prices in Northeast Asia fell sharply, pure benzene prices in Asia weakened slightly, naphtha prices weakened slightly, and integrated and non integrated devices in Asia remained profitable. The price of domestic pure benzene is strong, the price of ethylene is falling, and the profits of domestic integrated and non integrated devices are still considerable

negative factors:

1. The overall port inventory increased to about 75000 tons, which is slightly higher for the market gradually entering the off-season. The subsequent arrival of ocean going goods may become a further supplement to the market supply, or lead to the accumulation of short-term inventory; 2. American Asian arbitrage resources in transit will arrive one after another, which will supplement the inventory to a certain extent. American resources arriving in January will continue to maintain supply to China, which may have a further impact on the market; 3. With the cold weather in the north, the situation of booming production and marketing in EPS industry will gradually change, and its operating rate and demand for styrene are expected to decline slowly; The start-up of small and medium-sized downstream UPR and SBL units has slightly decreased, and the demand for styrene is relatively weak, so it cannot become a force to boost the market; 4. Mainstream merchants still maintain a state of moderate position building on bargain hunting and moderate shipment on peak. They are less clear about the market direction in the short term, so they keep their positions and wait for the opportunity

analysis and prediction on November: under the pressure of cooling fundamentals and weakening upstream raw material prices, the upward movement of the domestic styrene market to maintain experimental environmental sanitation is blocked, and the short-term market has entered the adjustment period. There are many kinds of friction and wear testing machines: 4-ball machine, end face friction and wear testing machine, ring fast friction and wear testing machine, etc. the range and time of friction and wear testing machines will closely match the trend of upstream raw material prices, At present, some businesses are optimistic about the long-term market. Once the market adjustment slows down slightly, it is expected to induce some buyers to enter the market to support prices. Therefore, the overall domestic styrene market has entered a period of upward obstruction, and the price has entered a profit taking callback, and there is little possibility of a sharp decline

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