The world's first stacking mold injection molding

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The world's first heap mold injection molding machine came out.

Swiss injection molding manufacturer Netstal cooperated with mold manufacturer Plastic and Automation Expert machines PAGs to develop the world's first heap mold injection molding technology

it looks almost insignificant at first: after minor modification, a Netstal elion hybrid series injection molding machine can form a standard margarine packaging barrel with a capacity of 425 grams, and can also be decorated with IML. The whole process takes only 5 seconds

from a close view, it turns out that the whole processing process is completed in a stack mold with a mold cavity. "This is a revolutionary technological innovation. The whole processing process is hidden. Polypropylene packaging is not made by injection molding, but by injection compression molding." Netstal. Markus DAL Pian, vice president of sales and marketing, explained. "The injection molding compression into DuPont Zytel fr 95g25 v0nh and DuPont crastin fr 684nh is the latest halogen-free brand of DuPont high performance materials division, and the sales volume of new energy vehicles in major countries in the world has reached 1.42 million. The integration of stacking molds is a complete innovation in the production of packaging industry."

the mold cavity is partially filled within 100 milliseconds, and the whole process is completed in a low pressure environment to prevent material expansion. High quality formwork parallelism ensures 99.98% synchronous operation among molds, machines and automation systems

the process of combining injection compression molding with 4-4 cavity stack molding is challenging, but industry experts Netstal, plastics and machines PAG? S successfully achieved it in two years

successful partner

"in just a few months, plasticud developed a laminated mold that can adapt to the new production process. And the migration limit of heavy metal zinc is tightened to 5mg/kg. The unique injection compression molding technology ensures a perfectly balanced parting surface and extremely low dispersion rate." Laurent buzzo, CEO of plasticud, explained

Thomas iten, PAC Application Engineer of Netstal, emphasized that "the special design of the laminated mold developed by plastic company plays a key role in this application." Automation Expert machines PAG provides specific instructions for the fixture clamping surface treatment system at the labeling area in the mold (such as plastic film, fiber, etc.) to ensure that the automation process can fully adapt to the machine and mold. "

the integration of injection compression molding process and special balanced stacking die is a real innovation leap. This configuration perfectly integrates the advantages of the two technologies. Injection compression molding can produce thin-walled and lightweight products, thereby reducing unit costs. In addition, there are few signs of distortion in the final product (especially the cover). Due to the low pressure applied in the material processing process, the finished product has higher dimensional accuracy

these characteristics make the final product more attractive to packers, especially margarine manufacturers. Through the use of stacking molds, productivity is improved and material costs are significantly reduced (up to 20%). In addition, manufacturing components have greater flexibility in modeling, appearance and decoration

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