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Analysis: the European home electronic appliance market is developing steadily

although some countries in Europe are suffering from the sovereign debt crisis, which has brought a very bad consumption environment to Europe, the European home electronic appliance market is still developing steadily. The International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (IFA) opened in Berlin, Germany on September 2 has become the best witness of this judgment. A total of more than 1300 enterprises in IFA showed their R & D achievements and new products, with an exhibition area of 140000 square meters

Hans joachimkamp, a member of the supervisory board of GfU, showed great optimism in the early stage of the implementation. He said, "electronic assistant" is something German consumers will not refuse. This is one of Kamp's findings on how economic difficulties will affect consumer behavior, which is a little surprising. Kamp stressed that Germans would refuse to travel, but they would never save money on household electronic products because of the differences in electricity bills across the country

TV prices will fall

this year, some economic indicators in European countries have brought some worries to the optimism of home electronics manufacturers. It is estimated that the sales of consumer electronic products in Europe will increase by 4% to 27billion euros in 2011. At the same time, experts also stressed that the reason for the increase is only because of some products such as smartphones and tablets. The sales performance of flat-panel TVs, which used to be the leading products in this field, has not been satisfactory in the past oneortwo years. Experts attribute this situation to the fact that no global sports events were held in 2011

the emergence of HD-TV in the market has not brought a short-term improvement to the flat-panel TV market, and even the sales of 3D TV, which was rated as the main product in 2010, is not optimistic. Moreover, the industry has to contend with the plummeting price: at present, the profits of flat-panel TVs in the European market will continue to decline

but Hans joachimkamp, a member of the board of supervisors, has never lost confidence in the TV market. He stressed that the city will be built into one of the six major rare earth functional material bases in Yucheng country. Up to now, more than 20million people in Germany are using kinescope TVs, and these people should become potential consumers of the first generation of flat panel TVs. Experts believe that the combination of TV and Internet will become an important innovation breakthrough. This year alone, more than 5million Internet TVs will be sold worldwide

hope on Christmas

home electronics manufacturers have placed their hopes on this year's Christmas consumption period. Traditionally, IFA has always been an important market for European buyers, wholesalers and retailers of consumer electronic products to understand and Book goods in this field. This field can not replace some foreign fixtures to a certain extent, only including household electronic appliances, kitchen electrical appliances and design innovation products

Kamp believes that energy-saving household electronic appliances will be the first choice for people at present. He said that at present, 10million refrigerators produced 10 years ago are still in use in German family kitchens. If consumers can be persuaded to replace these old appliances, all the electricity consumption of countries like Portugal will be saved. In the future, household appliances will be able to automatically sense the cheapest time of current, and then turn on automatically. But this magical appliance is sometimes not liked by everyone: especially the neighbors living in apartment buildings may not be willing to start the washing machine in the middle of the night

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