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Analysis: a comprehensive understanding of the advanced equipment of corrugated display racks

the use of corrugated cardboard display racks was popular in Europe and the United States in the early stage. Since the corrugated display racks appeared in China around 2000, they have quickly become an important promotional means for advertising media and new product promotion with their novel and unique effects and strong visual impact, and have been widely used in large and medium-sized supermarkets and shopping malls in large and medium-sized cities across the country. Now, the corrugated display shelf has been widely recognized by users with its advantages of green environmental protection, rapid assembly, conducive to sales, and improving corporate image, which has a great trend to replace other types of POP display shelves

in China, corrugated display stands are still in the stage of playing the role of rubber isolation bearings to reduce the seismic action. However, at present, corrugated cardboard in China is mainly used for commodity packaging, and the homogenization of market products is becoming more and more serious, which has led to a fierce price war. Enterprises also hope to be able to use the fastest impact insulation withstand test control system in the shortest time, The discharge ball gap is an important part of the impulse voltage generator. For different impulse voltages, the ball gap distance is required to be different. Therefore, in order to obtain the experimental data under different voltages, it is necessary to adjust the distance between the ball gaps The control system can automatically adjust the ball gap distance according to the set value of impulse voltage, and realize the accurate control of the distance between discharge ball gaps Speed and the lowest cost to provide packaging and printing, so that more customers know their products, so the personalized corrugated display frame R & D and printing will bring new opportunities for carton enterprises

in the design of corrugated display shelves, different corrugated types are usually used according to the different requirements of their use, the weight of displayed goods, the structure and strength of display shelves. Due to the requirements of display function, micro corrugated should be used as much as possible when the design structure strength is sufficient. This display frame usually adopts offset printing technology, which has the advantages of good color effect and high printing quality. However, because the interlayer support point of the micro corrugated board is corrugated, it is easy to be compressed and deformed, resulting in the variation of the printing point. Therefore, the printing pressure is required to be controlled very accurately, so the requirements for the printing equipment are also particularly strict

at present, many printing enterprises have been able to meet the different needs of customers in terms of cutting and printing quality. For example, the high-performance cutting control software of Xinao CNC's new computer proofing machine uses highly advanced computer path optimization to realize the optimization and display of samples, and the simple and understandable control interface enables users to understand it at first hand. The die cutting, indentation and forming of paper products can be completed without knife dies and die cutting machines, saving a lot of knife dies, die cutting machines and labor costs. In addition, if you are not satisfied with the design of the display frame, you can modify it at any time

the cutting machine of the computer proofing machine developed by Wenzhou Huayao Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd. mainly aims at the market demand of high precision, and adopts the linear guide rail as the transmission track to ensure that the machine runs smoothly at high speed and has high precision. With vibrating knife, the cutting depth of vibrating knife can be controlled at will. Computer operation and cutting machine are carried out at the same time, which can quickly complete data transmission and can be used continuously

the emergence of these low-cost and easy-to-operate digital printing equipment meets the requirements of enterprises for exquisite printing and high-strength micro corrugated of corrugated display racks, and will be pursued. In this regard, at the China International Corrugated exhibition held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 6 to 9, 2011, more than 1000 kinds of carton and paperboard manufacturing equipment and related leading consumables competed on the scene. The audience will be able to see the proofing and cutting equipment brought by Esko, Sinorgchem, tuowanniu, Huayao, Jingwei, etc., as well as the digital printing equipment brought by Boye and Gordon, and get a first taste of the advantageous technologies and equipment, At the same time, I enjoyed the excellent display works and boutiques produced by the latest products

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