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Analysis of China's commercial printing machine market

the commercial printing machine mentioned here refers to the web offset printing machine that prints exquisite color prints on coated paper. It is generally believed that it can print color prints of more than MS lines/inch. The ink path of the machine is relatively long, and there are many ink rollers in series and near the plate. Generally, there should be no less than 3 ink rollers, and there is a printing plate inclination adjustment mechanism. Equipped with drying and cooling devices on newspaper printing machines and color book printing machines, web offset printing machines that use thermosetting ink to print color prints of coated paper are also customarily called semi commercial printing machines. The prints produced by such printing machines are not as good as those produced by commercial printing machines. This article only talks about some personal opinions on the market situation of commercial printing presses

with the rapid development of market economy, the demand for commercial printing is increasing, which provides a broad market for commercial printing machines. Due to the uneven economic development of various regions The demand and types of commercial printing products are very different, so there are great regional differences in the demand of commercial printing machines in the domestic market

the so-called commercial print refers to the print with advertising color for commercial purposes, such as travel guides, scenic spots, car guides, real estate and other commodity advertisements, etc Such prints can be found everywhere in shopping malls, restaurants, airports, stations, theatres, cinemas and other public places in economically developed countries And are free to choose Therefore, there are many varieties and large demand This kind of printing is beautifully printed and brightly colored, giving people a pleasant feeling that it can really achieve the effect of advertising. Some books and magazines are also beautifully printed in order to attract readers and improve their taste. The above prints are color printing products with coated paper We usually call it commercial printing

with the development of China's economy, there are more and more commercial prints, such as supermarket advertisements, automobile advertisements, real estate advertisements, scenic spots, hotels and restaurants, as well as fashion magazines, aviation magazines, cosmetics magazines and other fashion prints, which are gradually accepted by people. These commercial prints have developed rapidly, especially in economically developed areas, such as the southeast coastal areas and some large and medium-sized cities in the East are gradually in line with international standards. Due to China's large population, even though the per capita consumption of printed products is small, the total consumption is still large. Now the economic development is gradually extending from the eastern coastal areas to the western regions, which will inevitably bring the demand for commercial prints. Although electronic media has been widely distributed, print media will not withdraw from the historical stage. According to the actual situation of more developed countries in the world, commercial prints are still widely favored by people for their unique appeal It has a broad market. The author visited several printing plants in the United States when he was abroad. These printing plants are printing a large number of commercial prints. One of them has four binding lines in a workshop to ensure quality. The binding speed of each production line is 40000 copies/Fashion binding line. Finally, the binding is packed according to the user's order, and the address and name are printed on the cover of the package, and this process is completed automatically. The binding prints are all commercial prints, and there are dozens of high-speed commercial printing machines printing these prints. The company has more than one workshop like this. According to reports The printing company ranks only the fourth in the United States, which shows that the commercial printing market is vast. Although there is still a big gap between China's current commercial printing market and developed countries, it has taken shape and is in the development stage It is not limited to the eastern coast and larger cities It is gradually developing to small and medium-sized cities and the central and western regions. It is difficult to estimate China's commercial printing market over time

the development of commercial printing presses in China is relatively late, and the development speed is slow. After the reform and opening up, the commercial printing market has developed rapidly. When the domestic printing press manufacturers are not ready, the foreign big 11 commercial printing presses have quickly poured into the Chinese market, and nearly 100 commercial printing presses have been imported in a few years. Gauss, Gauss Harris (Mitsubishi Toshiba in the old version of Haris, Manroland in Germany, and sauna in gaobao Sweden, and other commercial printing presses of different specifications have quickly occupied China's commercial printing market in the form of duty-free. After introducing the first one, some printing plants have full tasks and outstanding benefits, and then buy the second one, which provides business opportunities for commercial printing machines. Some printing plants see that the commercial printing machines of their peers are flexible, efficient and profitable, and also import commercial printing machines Printing machine. Most of the early imported commercial printing machines cut 630mm in size This kind of printing machine is suitable for 148mm x 210mm standard books and periodicals and 210mm x 297mm standard magazines, but commercial prints are not all of this size, especially some prints that follow the imported layout specification. The cutting size of 630mm is not suitable, so printing machines of 598mm, 578mm and 546mm are introduced

At present, most of these commercial printing presses are concentrated in large cities in the East, especially Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing There are few cities in the middle There are few in the West. This distribution has resulted in strong production capacity in some places However, due to fierce competition, there is a shortage of work: but in some areas, the production capacity of machine printing is relatively insufficient. In addition to the unreasonable distribution of the printing press, the printing press specification does not meet the requirements of the printed matter is also an important reason for this phenomenon. At present, the cutting size of the imported commercial printing machine is fixed. A type of machine can only adapt to the printing of one specification, and the size of the printing cannot be met if it exceeds the specification of the printing machine The size of the printed matter is smaller than the cutting size of the printing machine, which also leads to the waste of paper. If the current print users can't change the specification and size, they can only look for a suitable model or ignore the waste of paper, but this will increase the cost of printing

in order to adapt to the changes of various specifications and sizes in the print market, some printing machine manufacturers plan to print commercial prints with flatbed machines Developed a double-sided multi-color flat sheet offset press to print double-sided multi-color prints in one run. Some of these printing machines use a turning mechanism to print one side after printing, while others do not use a turning mechanism to print two sides. Although this kind of printing machine can adapt to the requirements of prints of different specifications and sizes, its printing speed is far lower than that of commercial printing machines, and it cannot fold. Its production efficiency cannot be compared with that of commercial machines. It is difficult to meet the needs of commercial prints in large quantities. If the sensor fails, Zui is also important. The main reason Zui has long appeared is the overload demand of experimental force. In order to adapt to the changes of different specifications of commercial prints, Guber company of Germany has developed a commercial printing machine with variable drum diameter, which uses the shaftless transmission technology. The drum, rubber drum and folding drum are separately driven by the motor, and the drum is installed on the articulated connecting rod, which is driven by the screw to rotate around the supporting shaft to adjust the distance between the drums to meet the requirements of distance changes between drums with different diameters. Guber company used to be good at making table machines. It is said that it had to find another way because the cost could not compete with other manufacturers, and the newly developed variable diameter commercial machine still has the problem of price

at present, the form printing machine produced by beiren Fuji adopts the method of changing the drum to meet the requirements of commercial prints of different specifications, but it is difficult to adapt to the market of commercial printing due to the limitation of its width

although the digital printing machine has been popular all over the world, it is favored by people and has the ability to print pictures of various specifications However, its production efficiency and cost are unacceptable for commercial prints. In terms of the adaptability of commercial printing machines, single page advertisements, such as commodity introduction advertisements widely distributed in various supermarkets, can be designed according to the existing models to reduce costs. However, books and magazines with fixed format are difficult to adapt to the specifications of the machine, which is the main problem at present

according to the author's understanding, the domestic coated paper magazines now have different specifications for printing, such as 210mm x297mm, 210mm x 285mm, 210mm x 280mm, 210mm x 275mm. The machine specification of these magazines is preferably one size, which is the most paper-saving, but it is insufficient in terms of the current printing volume. The current phenomenon of insufficient tasks after the introduction of commercial machines is largely caused by inappropriate specifications It is not a problem of excessive introduction. Some printing plants have received orders for commercial printing products without production capacity, forcing them to prepare to purchase commercial printing machines. This also shows that commercial printing machines are not surplus, but caused by the inappropriate distribution areas and the specifications of existing commercial machines. Therefore, it is suggested that manufacturers should be particularly careful in selecting specifications and sizes when purchasing commercial printing machines, which must be determined according to the sizes of main printing products

in view of the above situation, although the printing speed of the current commercial printing machine is getting higher and higher, which has reached more than 15 meters/second, and the degree of automation is also getting higher and higher, so that the paper roll is automatically stripped from the paper warehouse to the end of printing and bundling. The paper roll peeling, damage detection, paper feeding machine, paper receiving, paper threading, plate loading and unloading, rubber cleaning, etc. are all automatically completed. For the current printing volume of commercial prints in China, such a high printing speed and degree of automation are not suitable. Therefore, a reasonable printing speed (about 40000 pieces/hour) is selected. The model with general degree of automation, stable and reliable quality basin, good performance and reasonable price is better, which can meet the requirements of prints It can also reduce costs, and will undoubtedly be in a favorable position in China's current commercial printing market competition

in terms of the current specifications and sizes of domestic coated paper magazines, most of the width is 210mm, the difference is the length size. The width of 210mm is ensured by the width of the paper roll, and the length is guaranteed by the cutting length of the machine. After the drum diameter of the machine is determined, the cutting length is also determined, so a model is the most suitable size of a folio. Under the condition that the paper width remains unchanged according to the standard, it is to ensure its sensitivity, low friction and stable pressure, but now the paper mill can cut paper rolls of different widths according to the requirements of users. This provides convenience for the printing factory, so someone put forward a new design scheme of commercial printing machine: the cutting size of the machine is guaranteed. 2. Introduction to steel strand: certificate the magazine width of 210mm Let the width of the paper roll adapt to the change of the length of different periodicals. This new design idea is worth exploring in the current Chinese commercial machine market

in order to integrate existing resources, make full use of the production capacity of commercial printing machines, minimize investment and reduce production costs, commercial prints will minimize the changes in size and specifications to adapt to the size of commercial printing machines This is not only a kind of support for printing plants that have commercial machines, but also a great reduction in printing costs for users of commercial prints

at present, the existing commercial printing machines in China are basically imported The prices are very expensive, and domestic commercial machines have not been promoted in the domestic market. At present, beiren3840 commercial printing press, produced by beiren Co., Ltd. in cooperation with GI company of the United States, has been recognized by foreign users for its performance level and stable reliability of quality. In recent years, dozens of commercial printing presses have been sold in the United States, and were exhibited at the 2005 Chicago printing equipment and equipment exhibition It is welcomed by users. This machine is of medium level in the international market The printing speed is 45000 pieces/hour, with ink color remote control, spray fountain and automatic registration. The price is far lower than the imported machine of the same level. Domestic printing enterprises may wish to make a field investigation and choose after comparing with the imported machine

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