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Key points of progressive die design and troubleshooting in production (middle)

2.4 design of other parts

in progressive die, some auxiliary parts also play an important role in the smooth work of the die

(1) guide nail. In the progressive die, the guide pin has a great impact on the accuracy of the product. Generally, two holes are punched in the first station, and these two holes are used for double guidance in the subsequent station, which can better ensure the accuracy of the product. When designing the guide pin, pay attention to control the length of the guide pin. When the mold is in free state, the length of the straight arm of the guide pin extending out of the discharge plate should be less than the length of the product. 1. The processed parts should meet the requirements of the drawing for a material thickness, so that the phenomenon of material carrying can be effectively avoided

(2 which is better, single column tensile testing machine or double column tensile testing machine?) To decide, when designing the feeding height, it should be ensured that the strip will not be blocked by any insert or ejector rod when it is overlapped at this height. The floating feeding nail can not only lift the strip, but also guide the strip. Its quantity and position should be determined according to the width and thickness of the strip

(3) picking block and ejector rod. When the strip is bent, cut, stretched and other forming processes, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. clearly stated in the standard gb/t "determination method of electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine for measuring the compressive strength of iron ore pellets" that the pellet pressure testing machine should be at a constant speed (a certain speed shaped part is selected between 10 and 20mm/min and wrapped tightly on the insert, which is not easy to demould. In order to ensure the smooth springing of the strip, the lifting block or ejector rod should be designed at the appropriate position, and the strip should be ejected by the spring force. In the final station, the cut-off products sometimes adhere to the mold because of the function of stamping oil, so the ejector rod should be designed for the upper and lower molds of the final station, so as to prevent the superposition phenomenon and damage to the mold.

in addition, in order to prevent To prevent the mold from being damaged by misfeeding and waste floating, an induction alarm device for misfeeding and waste floating can be designed

3 troubleshooting in production

in the production of progressive die, sometimes some faults will occur, which will affect the production. Here are some solutions to common faults

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