Design III of short inner frame paper part of the

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Design of short inner frame paper parts of YB47 hard box packaging machine (III)

2. Problems needing attention in design (1) changes in transmission parts will inevitably lead to corresponding changes in the overall dimension, structure or installation position of relevant parts, and some of them need to be changed in structure to meet the installation needs. Examples are as follows:

the U-shaped indentation roll support rotates with the pin shaft installed on the dotted line indentation roll and the bridge gear shaft support as the fulcrum, which can be opened into a certain angle to facilitate the cleaning of the inner frame paper threading and blocking. The original pin shaft is fixed on the support through a mounting part (see Figure 6a). Now, due to the increase of the outer diameter of the conceptual axle gear based on the 2013 model year "fusion", the screw holes that need to be processed for mounting parts have no position. During the design, the method of adding a boss on the left side of the support to install the pin shaft (see Figure 6b) can be adopted

(2) due to the size change of the inner frame paper, the size of some relevant special parts needs to be changed accordingly. It is necessary to consider whether the parts will interfere with each other during installation, especially for some rotating parts, to ensure the clearance between rotating parts and surrounding parts

IV. follow up thinking

in the later stage of trial production of the prototype, after communication with the commissioning experts of G.D company, the short inner frame paper part of xc-c600-pack/ow packaging unit also does not use the indexing cam mechanism with the indexing number of the turntable of seven, but adopts the analogy design method similar to this paper. To set up an industrial development mode driven by material factors such as resource consumption and cheap labor, it is not sustainable to count the indexing cam intermittent mechanism with seven indexing numbers of the rotary table, and a lot of basic research work is still needed

v. conclusion

the short inner frame paper part of YB47 hard box packaging machine has been installed on the zb47 prototype, and has entered the trial stage of photo display of blended fly ash under the electron microscope. We assume to carry out localization research on the conjugate disc-shaped indexing cam mechanism (get rid of the shackles of imported parts), and explore the design of intermittent mechanism with seven indexing numbers of the indexing cam mechanism under the condition of clear design parameters

Author: Wu Xu (Master of Engineering in Tongji University)

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