Design features of Grand View Garden of the hottes

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The design features of the Grand View Garden of the gift box

"Grand View Garden" gives people a rich and fruitful meaning letter, symbolizing that there are more than (FISH) every year. The Japanese style design is matched with Chinese calligraphy, which makes the overall design overflow Oriental and special characteristics

packaging materials and thinking characteristics of the design:

take the wooden box as the main body of the gift box structure, and the upper cover is a porcelain engraving with collection value; Because it is a gift for new year's Day gifts. Therefore, the content of the painting is the national treasure fish, and Sakura can foretell the meaning of fish every year represented by the salmon. For example, the wedge-shaped clamp with peony patterns symbolizing wealth and auspiciousness adds a little more flavor to the whole gift box

after the product is eaten, the whole wooden box can become a jewelry box, storage box, candy box, or can be hung on the wall alone. Become a book hanging (gift) with aesthetic function, and create the additional value of the gift box in addition to conveying affection

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