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Wedding cake gift box design features

love feast a Engagement Wedding cake gift box the design features of this gift box are the following three points:

first, structure: the two round boxes are adhered to the left and right curved edges in the way of high and low position difference, so that when it is opened, it can show high and low position difference. In order to reduce the production restrictions of aerospace composite materials, three-dimensional box type. Using the mutual support between the round box and the side strip, it can also be quite stable when opened. When closed, nail the front buckle on the two arc-shaped side strips to make it difficult to loosen. After the round upper cover is closed, it becomes "kerstan also pointed out that the fixed round box

II. Aesthetics: using special art paper and printing methods, it shows the nobility and generosity of the gift box, which is different from the general printing gift box. The combination of ribbon and lace shows the chic and elegance of the gift box

III. practicality: this gift box is highly reusable. Consumers not only have a unique engagement gift box, but also a high-low differential storage box with great collection value

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