Design method of the hottest proe array on the ven

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The design method of proe array on the vent hole of display

this paper introduces three types of vent hole of display, which reflects the typical method of proe array

making a cuboid matrix (as shown in the figure)

establishing a reference axis and a hole on the left lower corner of the cuboid, and the drawing surface is in front of the cuboid, The bottom plane passes through the reference axis and has an angle of 1 °

with the lower surface of the cuboid. Pattern - General - done

- value - select the size 400 - enter 40 - value - select the size 1 - enter 4 - value - select the size 18 - enter -1.4 - Don. In addition, e - enter the number of lines 4 (the end of the first direction)

value - select the size 400 - input -20 - value - select the size 1 - input 10 - value - select the size 18 - input -1.2 - done - input the number of columns 7 (the end of the second direction) "Wang Fuxiao said that

this method has good flexibility

next, I will introduce how to use relationship

to make a cuboid (its principle is roughly the same as that of deformation measurement, the same as above) Create a hole at the bottom right

and array it pattern - General - done - relationship - select horizontal size 20 - Edit - add the relationship: memb to the existing notebook_ I=idx2/4+5 - save - Exit - done - do - enter the number of columns 12

value - select the vertical size 20 - enter 8 - value - select the diameter size 2 - enter 0.2 - do enter the number of rows 12

- finish

now you need to remove some holes in the upper left. Note that their idx1 and idx2 values are relatively high

redefine - select the hole array - Pattern Option - pat incr type - second dir - D7 (vertical size) - to relation - Edit - add a four line relation to the notebook:

memb_ v=8*idx2+lead_ v

if idx1+idx2 11

memb_ V=-9

endif if there is no if statement memb_ v=8*idx2+lead_ V is equivalent to setting a value with a value increment of 8, which is also equivalent to memb_ I=8 if statement determines whether the hole is at the top left and changes the memb_ V (vertical dimension) move the hole to the outside of the part

use trigonometric function to make a cuboid (the smaller the distance between the above scale values)


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