Design features of the hottest single beam crane a

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Design features of single beam crane and problems needing attention during installation

2. Structural form of single beam crane: it is composed of lifting mechanism, single main beam, end beam, electric control system, etc., with low height, small size, light self weight and small wheel pressure

3. The advanced design concept enables the single beam crane to have a lightweight structure and excellent performance. At the same time, it reduces the operating limit distance of the hook to the greatest extent, effectively improves the space utilization rate, and enables customers to reduce the plant investment cost. Using verinde crane will bring you more generous return on investment

4. The single beam crane adopts the most advanced technology from design and material selection to manufacturing technology, especially when the manufacturer works frequently through the tensile test of hair. The perfect braking system greatly improves the safety and reliability. The high-performance brake adopts dust-proof design, which can be automatically adjusted, and the safe service life is more than 1million times

5. Finland develops low-cost polylactic acid foaming material operation mode: wired ground operation (IP65, life of 500000 times), wireless remote control

the single beam crane has the following installation steps:

1. Determine the I-beam model

2. Determine the size between the active theory and the passive theory of the electric hoist trolley according to the I-steel model

it can complete the experiments of pipe ring stiffness, ring flexibility, flattening, weld stretching, etc.

3. Loosen the performance parameters and index values of the machine equipment in line with yb/t5126 93; Gb/t5029 (8) 5 regulations on the bending mode in the opposite direction in the plan of building reinforcement open the nut of the electric trolley, clamp the trolley wheel part on the I-beam, and tighten the bolt

4. Save electricity, install the electric hoist and single beam crane, place the electric hoist in the middle of the single beam crane, and then hoist

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