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Weekly focus on major events in the construction machinery industry (March • week 5)

weekly focus on major events in the construction machinery industry (March • week 5)

China Construction machinery information

this week's focus: the disaster is merciless, there is love in the world, and engineering robots rush to the front line of the Xiangshui explosion accident

on March 21, a major explosion accident occurred in Jiangsu ecological Xiangshui chemical park, which has killed 78 people and seriously injured 26 people as of March 18, Six of them were critically injured. After the accident, the major construction machinery enterprises took action at the first time and entered the disaster area under the threat of explosion, toxic gas, corrosion and unknown dangerous chemicals, so as to eliminate risks and obstacles for the front line and compose the song of great love

on the same day, three kinds of three-dimensional pre forming processes can be completed in a cycle time of 60s (picture from eelcee company). The explosion emergency rescue team of Xiangshui chemical park of heavy industry gathered. After taking anti-corrosion measures, more than 20 team members operated the equipment and plunged into the billowing smoke, quickly opening the way to the explosion core. Due to the poor environment and difficult conditions on the site, most of them can only choose to have a short rest in the car, and then invest in the intense rescue work

the first batch of 9 sets of equipment and more than 20 rescue commandos led by XCMG fire and local dealers arrived at the explosion site that night and opened the road to the core area of the explosion for the provincial fire rescue Corps in less than 4 hours. "There was yellow smoke floating on the scene, and the air was filled with a pungent smell. When I was informed to go in, I had to excavate the acid pit with a diameter of more than 150 meters. The soil around the explosion pit was very soft, with a width of more than 7 meters. If the excavator had to go in and excavate by force, it was likely to be in danger. The liquid in the acid pit was very corrosive, and I was very nervous in my heart. I was extra careful every time I operated."—— Ma Sulong, the first batch of rescuers of XCMG and a excavator operator with 13 years of experience

Shantui set up an emergency rescue team to communicate closely with local fire departments and government units, quickly mobilize peripheral equipment and professionals, and provide equipment and related technical service support for on-site rescue and cleaning work. The team members selected the most suitable model for disaster relief by referring to their previous on-site rescue experience in Wenchuan earthquake, Shenzhen landslide and other disasters

Enterprise dynamics

on March 19, Liu Jiayi, Secretary of the Shandong provincial Party committee, led a "provincial on-site observation group on the transformation of old and new kinetic energy" to Shandong temporary work for investigation and research, accompanied by Wang Zhizhong, chairman of the temporary work. Secretary Liu Jiayi affirmed the work achievements of temporary workers in the implementation of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and hoped that in the future, temporary workers would firmly grasp the strategic opportunity period, seize the momentum, strive to catch up, achieve higher quality development, and make new and greater contributions to the economic and social development of Shandong

on March 20, Martin lundstedt, President and CEO of Volvo Group, visited Lingong and held talks with Wang Zhizhong, chairman of Lingong. Martin lundstedt fully affirmed the management efficiency, business performance and development speed of Lingong and said that Volvo would increase cooperation with Shandong Lingong in key technologies, marketing, operation management and other aspects

on March 21, Shanhe intelligent participated in the "2019 (8th) China intelligent manufacturing Summit Forum" in Hangzhou, where Zhang Daqing, vice president of the group, delivered a keynote speech on "the road of Shanhe intelligent manufacturing". At the "16th China smart manufacturing year-end inventory award ceremony" hosted by the forum, Professor He Qinghua, chairman of the group, was rated as "2018 outstanding CEO of China's manufacturing industry to promote smart manufacturing", and the company's smart manufacturing project was rated as "2018 best practice of China's smart manufacturing"

On March 22, Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, attended the "sixth meeting of the Sino Italian entrepreneur committee" held in Italy. The heads of state of China and Italy jointly met with the representatives present. The Chinese leaders who were visiting Italy encouraged the Chinese and Italian business communities to contribute more wisdom and strength to the cooperation between the two countries. Guoxuehong, vice president of Zoomlion, attended the "Sino Italian third party market cooperation forum" held at the same time. In 2008, Zoomlion acquired CIFA, the third largest concrete machinery manufacturer in the world, which brought huge synergy between the two sides and made a series of achievements in technology, innovation and market

On March 23, Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, attended the annual "China development high level forum summit" hosted by the development research center of the State Council, and delivered a keynote speech entitled "catalyzing the deep integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries with digital transformation", sharing XCMG's transformation and upgrading experience. He pointed out that XCMG used digital transformation to upgrade the traditional manufacturing industry and upgrade the modern service industry, and "catalysed" the deep integration of the two, promoting XCMG's transformation from a complete set of equipment solution supplier to a full scene intelligent enabler; Digitalization is used to supplement the short board of service-oriented manufacturing development such as logistics and spare parts, so as to reduce the full life cycle cost of customers and create customer value; With unmanned control and other future leading innovation

On March 23, Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, received an exclusive interview with CCTV finance and Economics during the "China Development Forum summit", pointing out that advanced manufacturing industry is interconnected with the market and all stages of research and development, and construction machinery services need to obtain post market benefits to meet user needs and opinions. XCMG still feels the weakness of manufacturing industry in the era of industry 4.0, and the weakness of modern services is even greater. The most important thing for China in the future is to transform and upgrade the manufacturing industry. If this is not done well, China's modern service industry will not be completely successful

on March 25, the first resource opening day of Sany was held in Sany Sun Valley incubator. This event is mainly connected to the aerospace field. More small and medium-sized enterprises are welcome to connect industrial resources with Sany. At present, around the Sany industrial chain, Sun Valley has formed integrated industrial clusters such as intelligent manufacturing, industrial interconnection, intelligent construction and aerospace

on March 25, the heads of state of China and France jointly received representatives of the China France entrepreneur Committee in Paris, with the participation of Zhang xiaolun, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the state machinery group. At the subsequent working meeting of the China France Business Council, Zhang xiaolun reported on the work of the consumption and service industry group to Chinese Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan and French Minister of economy and finance le Maire

on March 26, Zhang xiaolun, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Sinomach group, visited the headquarters of Schneider Electric Group in Paris and communicated with Jean Pascal tricoire, chairman and CEO of Schneider Electric Group, on further implementing the strategic cooperation agreement between the two sides and deepening business docking. Schneider Electric is a global top 500 enterprise, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sinomach in 2018

on March 26, the 15th anniversary of the listing of Weichai Power and the innovation and development exchange meeting were held in Hong Kong. Tan Xuguang, chairman of Weichai Power, disclosed a lot of insider information at the meeting: (1) he served as the Secretary of the Party committee of China Heavy Duty Truck, chairman of the board, catalyst, pharmaceutical intermediates, electronic chemicals and other high-end fine chemicals. After a long period of internal brewing, all commercial vehicles will be opened to the outside world in 2021, and passenger vehicles will be fully opened to the outside world in 2023, A single force cannot participate in the global competition, and the reorganization of China heavy truck and Shandong heavy industry is imperative; The reorganization opinions have been submitted to the Standing Committee of Shandong provincial government, and no reply has been received. (2) Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck and China heavy truck have ranked third in the world, but it does not mean that the level ranks third. The goal of the company after restructuring is to achieve world-class level; The current national six, the future national seven and European seven will make the cost of engine powertrain higher and higher, and only by breaking through the scale effect can we be competitive. (3) China National Heavy Duty Truck and Shaanxi national heavy duty truck will not merge. As the same group and manufacturer of commercial vehicles, they will compete with each other; China National Heavy Duty Truck will not use Weichai engine, and 11L and 13L will continue to use Mann engine

recently, Liugong 4180d grader won the industrial design "2019 red dot product design 12. Compressive strength test of inorganic hard thermal insulation products (gb/t5486.2 ⑵ 001 mechanical properties of experimental methods of inorganic hard thermal insulation products); grand prize". 4180d motor grader was developed by the Liugong industrial design team in the UK. Gary major, the director of Liugong industrial design, said: "good operating vision, more comfortable driving experience and ergonomic design are the advantages of this device different from traditional motor graders. At the same time, the position of the blade structure and super maneuverability are also the focus of our design considerations."

recently, the first overseas pilot regional center of Sinomach group, "the regional center of Belarus and surrounding regions", was unveiled. Sinomach BASF has launched an experimental project of five crops in Xinjiang. Bai Shaotong, deputy general manager of the delegation, attended the ceremony. The "central and Eastern Europe Regional Center" and "southern and western Africa agricultural regional center" have also been established. In order to improve the overall international operation level of Sinomach group and strengthen the management and business coordination of overseas affiliated enterprises, Sinomach group is gradually improving the layout of overseas regional centers and building a coordination system with overseas regional centers as its branches

industry observation

is still rising! According to the statistics of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the sales of truck cranes in February were 3108, up 102% year-on-year and 16% month on month. The growth continued to be high under the high base. The monthly cumulative sales volume was 5784 units, with a cumulative year-on-year increase of 60%

on March 18, Dongfeng Cummins obtained the first "China second stage emission approval certificate for ship engines" issued by China Classification Society (CCS), becoming the first domestic enterprise to meet the emission limit requirements of the second stage ship engines

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