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Weekly focus of major events in the construction machinery industry (November • week 5)

weekly focus of major events in the construction machinery industry (November • week 5)

China Construction machinery information

Enterprise dynamics

on November 11, the "2019 series of meetings of the industrial vehicle technical committee of the international organization for Standardization (iso/tc110)" hosted by the National Standardization Administration Committee was held, Four people from nine countries spent an extra 10000 yuan, and more than 0 delegates attended the meeting. The meeting mainly discussed the two draft international standards initiated by Heli and the relevant standards will be released in 2022

on November 19, Zoomlion signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with the Cambodian Ministry of agriculture, forestry and Fisheries at the "China (Hunan) equipment and manufacturing into Cambodia investment Expo and project signing ceremony". By donating agricultural machinery and equipment, providing intelligent solutions, sending technicians, etc., Zoomlion carried out cooperation and demonstration with Cambodia in the whole process of corn planting mechanization, research and application of intelligent agricultural technology, etc, In order to promote the transformation and development of Cambodia's modern agricultural planting industry with a domestic market of 3-yuan materials of 7.98 billion yuan, and realize the sustainable development of Zoomlion agricultural machinery business in Cambodia

on November 22, Zoomlion agricultural machinery signed a cooperation agreement with Sanshan District, Wuhu City, Anhui Province. It plans to invest 2.05 billion yuan annually to build projects such as technological innovation of intelligent agricultural machinery, information construction, domestic and foreign mergers and acquisitions and industrialization of economic crop machinery and core components, showing Zoomlion's determination to further scale up the transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery business and lead the high-end intellectualization of agricultural machinery

on November 22, Sany Shenzhen Yundu Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park project was officially released, which will form the core support of Sany group leading the development of intelligent manufacturing industry with Sany Beijing operation center and Changsha intelligent manufacturing center. With a total construction area of 650000 square meters, the park will open and share Sany's global industrial resources, innovation platform and international business network, and will become a new global intelligent manufacturing innovation center of Sany group

on November 25, Lingong heavy machinery customer service center opened in Guangzhou. Covering an area of more than 5000 square meters, the service center integrates six functions: service and maintenance, parts supply, product experience, customer training, machine inventory, and remanufacture. It can be called the largest, most comprehensive, and most invested customer service center in the high-tech industry, bringing greater protection to lessors

on November 25, the technology sharing platform "Joint Research Center for key technologies of heavy commercial vehicles" created by XCMG heavy truck and Dongfeng parts group was unveiled. Since the signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between the two sides, new progress has been made in the fields of control system, chassis system lightweight and electric drive system

On November 28, the construction of Sany Xi'an Industrial Park, covering an area of 271.5 mu, will plan to build Sany construction regional headquarters and pilot base, construction robot (Xi'an) Research Institute, etc., and carry out three major businesses: prefabricated construction, construction robot and industrial interconnection

recently, the Liugong European dealers' annual meeting with the theme of "Vision 2020" was held in Poland. Vision 202 medical devices must be able to support medical services within the scope of local infrastructure. 0 are two major commitments, one is to implement the investment plan in five aspects: European regional headquarters, product research and development, channel development, talent introduction and manufacturing upgrading, and the other is to seize market opportunities to accelerate business development. From, Liugong will successively release F series excavators in the European market, and take the lead in launching the service policy of extending the three guarantee period of Liugong machine to two years or 4000 hours, so as to enhance the core competitiveness of Liugong in the European market

recently, Zoomlion overseas customers returned to the factory to investigate the activities held in Changsha. Zoomlion revealed that in the second half of 2019, the company's overseas sales returned to the main engine business department, and the overseas product sales of cranes increased by 75% compared with the first half of the year. More than a dozen overseas new products recommended to overseas customers in the event are customized development based on in-depth research on overseas local markets to better meet the personalized needs of overseas customers

industry observation

Japanese media news: Sany has become one of the top three in the global construction machinery industry. On November 24, reference news excerpted the Japanese economy report that China's Sany Heavy industry ranked among the top three global construction machinery. Article 3. Hydraulic oil: the liquid level of the oil tank must be checked frequently and the oil must be replenished in time; Generally, the oil should be changed every 2000 to 4000 hours of application; However, the most important thing is that the oil temperature should not exceed 70 ℃. According to Zhang, Sany Heavy Industry has grown into one of the top three in the world that can be comparable with caterpillar in the United States and Komatsu in Japan. Although its sales account for only nearly 20% of caterpillar, investors have high expectations for it, and the total market value of its share price has reached more than 70% of Komatsu. The article also reminds that Sany still relies heavily on the domestic market, and 83% of its sales in the first half of the year came from the Chinese market; Although the overseas business has increased by 36% in three years, it is still lower than Komatsu's 68% and Hitachi's 57%. Sany needs to expand its overseas market for further development

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