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Hengshi fiber Foundation: turn... Nissan has used transparent plastic headlights on its new "skyline" car, and the "addition and subtraction method"

as a derivative of glass fiber, "Hengshi fiber" products have been provided to yachts, building materials and pipeline construction from the beginning, with emphasis on the manufacturing of new materials for wind turbine blades. Since its establishment 12 years ago, every step has been very solid and stable

"at present, in terms of the international market, the wind power manufacturing industry has entered a mature period. Domestically, wind power manufacturing enterprises in the new energy industry have also sprung up, and are in a period of rapid development. The technology and scale are gradually being consolidated and expanded. In this process, 'Hengshi fiber' has introduced international high-end technology and equipment in advance, and accumulated rich experience." Li Hui told that after the state increased its support for the new energy industry, "Hengshi fiber" began to enter the new energy market, and they focused on the blade substrate for the production of wind turbines. The successful strategic transformation can be said to open the door to the development of "Hengshi fiber"

transformation is not a simple idea, but requires strong technical support and R & D capabilities

in order to make the production capacity and technical level of the enterprise reach the world-class level, "Hengshi fiber" has introduced 28 multi axial warp knitting machines made in Germany with a value of 10 million yuan each. The positioning of high technology allows them to integrate their own R & D achievements while introducing equipment

2. Sample size: the size of the tested parts. In the words of an equipment supplier, "Hengshi fiber" is not only the enterprise that purchases the most equipment, but also the enterprise that helps them innovate the most. In terms of the imported equipment, the company will make a lot of technical transformation on the machine through the experience accumulated in practice, so as to "deform" it into a more advanced and applicable equipment. It is understood that up to now, "Hengshi fiber" has 17 patents on equipment, with remarkable achievements

it is not enough to only have world-class equipment. "Hengshi fiber" pays more attention to the research and development of new products, so that its products will always be ahead of the market

a few years ago, when the vast majority of domestic wind turbines were still 700 kW, enterprises foresaw that more efficient wind power opportunities were the future development trend, so they began to design and produce 1.5 MW wind turbine blade materials. With the increase of energy demand, 3 MW and 5 MW wind turbines will gradually become the mainstream of the market. However, at present, the blades of these large oil wind turbines are mainly made of carbon fiber, which cannot be used in large quantities because of the high cost. The R & D team of "Hengshi fiber" and Jushi group jointly developed a new type of glass fiber called "E7". The material power supply closer to carbon fiber should be equipped with air switches and leakage protection devices, and its performance is more than 15% higher than that of ordinary glass fiber. Li Hui said, "Hengshi fiber" attaches great importance to the investment in the research and development of new products. In 2011, the research and development investment reached 13million yuan

to occupy more market share, in addition to novel products and excellent quality, price advantage is also a key factor. Facing the rising costs of raw materials and labor, and the sharp increase in R & D investment, how to reduce their production costs? "Hengshi fiber" has its own set of methods

"improving the productivity of employees is the key." Li Hui told us to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees by strengthening the skill training and reward system for employees. Originally, a warp knitting machine needed three to four employees to take care of it, but now it can be upgraded to four employees to take care of two warp knitting machines. By focusing on technological transformation and cost saving and consumption reduction, the enterprise saves more than one million yuan every year, and improves the market competitiveness of the enterprise

last year, the output value of "Hengshi fiber" was 370million yuan. Judging from the results in the first four months of this year, 150million yuan has been completed, and it is expected that the year-on-year growth will exceed 20%

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