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The "addition, subtraction, multiplication and division" behind a ton of steel

in 2016, the crude steel output of Hegang group decreased by 5.77%, but the profit increased by 21.56% year-on-year. The price of a ton of steel increased by 145 yuan in the same caliber

this year, the group accelerated the pace of product upgrading and structural adjustment, entered the "high-end cycle", and its products jumped to a new height, which became a vivid interpretation of the group's overall improvement of competitiveness

looking back on 2016, many key work of the group played an important role of "addition, subtraction, multiplication and division"

make full use of the "plus" method

the fundamental way for enterprises to get out of difficulties and improve their competitive strength lies in product upgrading and structural adjustment. In 2016, the group's product upgrading and structural adjustment "increased" efforts to promote the docking of production lines to the market and made significant progress

the group further clarified the market positioning of the production line, solidly promoted the benchmarking of the production line, jointly carried out production line diagnosis and "targeted" research, solved key technical problems, and constantly made new breakthroughs in the research and development of high-end varieties. Make every effort to build the "four support systems" of technology, quality, talent, information and automation, strengthen the quality control of the whole process, and effectively release the potential of the production line. Connect with the terminal market, highlight the process technology research and product promotion in the fields of automobile steel, household appliance board, high-strength steel, etc., and make substantial progress in evi services. The proportion of group steel varieties increased by 13 percentage points year-on-year. The output of high-end products increased by 120% year-on-year

the transformation of marketing mode, the continuous "increase" of client pull, and the optimization and adjustment of customer structure have achieved remarkable results

the group carried out precise market research and targeted development of high-end users, forming a strong influential high-end customer base and becoming a powerful engine for upgrading products according to customers' requirements for a long time. The key account manager system has been comprehensively promoted, independent marketing channels have been gradually established, the whole process service support and guarantee system has been formed, and the user-oriented marketing model has been basically established. Innovate the direct supply mode of building materials for large-scale engineering projects, consolidate and expand the cooperation achievements with central enterprises, and further give play to the irreplaceable supporting role of Hegang in key engineering fields

through the formulation of new instrument standards, he steel road is confident, giving birth to the "acceleration" speed of development

in 2016, Hegang ranked 201 among the world's top 500, and was the first Chinese steel enterprise in the world's top 500. In the evaluation of the comprehensive competitiveness of China's iron and steel enterprises, it won the highest level "a+" of "extremely competitive". The development concept and practice of the group have a profound impact on and represent the new normal and even the longer future of China's steel industry

the world has never been so eager to listen to Hegang. The majority of cadres and workers have never been so convinced as today that "what Hegang wants to do will be done and better than others!"

in the process of overcoming difficulties and constantly rising, the majority of cadres and workers have cultivated firm road self-confidence, and the entrepreneurial momentum of the officers has been further stimulated. The brand image and social influence of the group have been continuously improved, and the Party committee of the group has also won the title of "national advanced grass-roots party organization"

"reducing" makes wonderful

the group takes "reducing" production capacity as a major opportunity to speed up the adjustment of variety structure, resolutely implements the decisions and arrangements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, shuts down and demolishes three 450m3 blast furnaces and two 55T converters two months in advance, reduces iron making capacity by 1.56 million tons and steel-making capacity by 1.66 million tons, overfulfils the target task of reducing production capacity in 2016, and fully demonstrates the responsibility and exemplary role of large state-owned enterprises

make full use of the "reduction" method of costs, significantly reduce costs, and continuously enhance the ability of cost control. The group system optimized its operation mode, adhered to the principle of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, paid close attention to internal cost reduction and efficiency increase, and achieved cost reduction and efficiency increase of 9billion yuan throughout the year. Solidly carry out pragmatic benchmarking, summarize and promote advanced experience, and continuously reduce process costs

accelerate the development of non steel and greatly "reduce" labor costs. The group has steadily promoted its non steel development plan and supported its subsidiaries to accelerate the cultivation of advantageous industrial units. Strengthen non steel business analysis and standardized management, strictly enforce investment approval procedures, and promote the sustained, healthy and rapid development of non steel. The non steel sector of the iron and Steel subsidiary has achieved the phased goal of eliminating 50% of labor costs, and the non steel industry is gradually becoming an important force supporting the development of the group

reduce the financing scale and effectively improve the fund guarantee ability. The group improved its financial control system based on comprehensive budget and internal banking and settlement centers, and continued to strengthen the control of total financing

in the domestic capital market, the bonds of Hegang Co., Ltd. are favored by the majority of institutional investors, and the total subscription volume is far higher than expected, which fully proves that the capital market recognizes the development concept and strategic layout of the group, and also provides strong financial support for the future development of the enterprise. The Group actively stabilized traditional credit channels, broadened financing channels, enriched financing means, and effectively resolved capital security risks through the comprehensive use of bonds, insurance, trust, leasing, factoring and other financial instruments

the more "reduced", the better the energy consumption index, highlighting the continuous improvement of the group's comprehensive energy utilization. At the 50th annual meeting of the world iron and Steel Association, under the joint attention of 104 steel production enterprises, industry associations and research institutions around the world, the group won the Excellence Award for sustainable development of the world iron and steel industry. In the award speech, the World Steel Association fully affirmed the outstanding contributions made by the group in energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental friendliness, and promoting the sustainable development of the steel industry. On the journey of sustainable development in the future, the people of Hegang have won the respect of their counterparts in the world with their actions

On December 7, 2016, the world iron and Steel Association announced the results of the 11th regional championship of the world simulated steelmaking challenge, and the three players of the group ranked among the top three in China. The simulated steelmaking challenge attracted 1479 contestants from 37 countries. The group players who won the champion of the professional group China division will also participate in the world finals in Beijing on April 11, 2017 together with the champions of the other three divisions. This has also become a vivid footnote for the group to accelerate its integration into globalization with an open and inclusive attitude

in 2016, the group worked hard to build a competitive advantage based on the global marketing service platform, the global steel manufacturing platform, and the global technology research and development platform, giving play to the "ride" effect

invite famous foreign experts to hold special lectures on technology with no pollution and low noise, organize international technology exchange meetings, and widely carry out technical exchanges with international peers. International talents play an important role in international organizations... The group has richer international resources and higher-end platforms for international development, and its scientific and technological innovation strength has been significantly improved

the group has deepened strategic cooperation with scientific and technological resource highlands such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences to promote the integration of industrial technology and the transformation of high-tech achievements. The joint establishment of the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Hegang Dongda has become an important support for the group's technological innovation. Strengthen exchanges and cooperation with World Steel Association, Swedish National Metallurgical Research Institute, University of Queensland, POSCO, Siemens and other world-class enterprises, and the global technology research and development platform has basically taken shape

due to its successful holding of Degas and its significant role in promoting win-win cooperation between China and the EU in other European project investments, the group won the China EU Enterprise Cooperation Award at the international capital summit and became the only Chinese enterprise recommended and successfully elected by the international organization of the summit. At the same time, it is also the only manufacturing enterprise in China that has won this honor since the international capital summit was founded eight years ago

at present, the group's overseas plate is distributed in Europe, America, Africa and other regions, and now has "four steel, one mine and one platform", including Hegang Degas company, Hegang South Africa PMC company, Hegang Serbia company, Hegang Degas Macedonia medium plate company, Hegang Degas South Africa Cape Town DSP company, Hegang Degas American krah company, and 22 overseas service centers

to build a "world River steel" with global resources, markets and customers, the group has achieved remarkable results in improving its competitive strength and achieving leapfrog development

"remove" intermediate links

the group has solidly promoted the reform of management system and mechanism, and the problems of disconnection between production line and market, leadership and site are being fundamentally solved

"Hegang is an enterprise without any ideological burden. We have the best chance to add many conditions to the material of the beam to seek breakthroughs and reconstruction advantages through organizational structure reform." The group leader pointed out

in recent years, the group has boldly promoted the work reform of "daring to be the first in the world", such as restoring the progressiveness of the main iron and steel industry and introducing the key account manager system across the border, which fully demonstrates the courage, wisdom and power of reform and innovation

in 2016, the Group vigorously promoted the Flattening Reform of the organizational structure, which is a more powerful "revolution" than ever before, and a subversive change to the hierarchical, administrative and pyramidal traditional management mode

all resources exist, but they are reconfigured; All the elements exist, but they are just rearranged. Focusing on the core of production line, we will carry out the overall mobilization of products, technologies, talents, including the future distribution system. The Group vigorously promoted the transformation of the main business body from the workshop to the production line, and pushed the production line to the front line of the market

go to the middle level. The decision-making level that determines the fate of the enterprise should decide the fate of the production line. The management level should directly face the production line. The middle level should become a public resource to allocate the existing elements and resources more reasonably and efficiently

de administration, with the goal of gathering the core resources of the enterprise to the production line, each subsidiary has built a new organizational structure and business processes, realizing the reconfiguration of all elements of the enterprise. Taking the reform of the management system of subsidiaries as a breakthrough, we have gradually established a value creation oriented business development model, which has effectively stimulated the vitality of the enterprise

focus the key elements on customers, transfer the resource allocation center to the production line, and insist on tilting the most high-end talents and the best treatment to the production line. The production line has become the most decent job and the most respected platform of the group. Management reform has quickly become a main line of the group's work and a huge driving force for the release of production line vitality and product upgrading

the "addition, subtraction, multiplication and division" behind a ton of steel reflects the rebirth of the group's overall competitiveness. In 2017, the implementation of the main tone of innovation, change and breakthrough, an indomitable pioneering force, an unprecedented enterprising spirit, and an uncontrollable innovation vitality are bursting out in the group! (this article is from Hegang)

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