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Additive manufacturing in the field of consumer goods 3D printed metal toothbrush Mio came out

Abstract: Zare from borreto, Italy, cooperated with nussbaumer design led by Christoph nussbaumer to create a new toothbrush. The cooperation between the two sides is unique - this 3D printing toothbrush is made of metal and is called Mio

as we all know, Italian design is famous all over the world, and Italian designers create a new sales model. Designers are keen to make a new interpretation of every item. For many people, Erich, Binny farina, klany and other names are familiar. When it comes to Italian brands, elegant cars, exquisite furniture and classic and fashionable household products come to mind. Zare, from borreto, Italy, worked with nussbaumer design, led by Christoph nussbaumer, to create a new toothbrush. The data transmission is stable and reliable, and the cooperation between the two sides is unique -- this 3D printing toothbrush is made of metal, called Mio, and is produced by additive manufacturing technology, highlighting the eternal classic

mio luxury toothbrush set, made of metal, adopts exclusive packaging

redefining the function and size of the product is one of the advantages of 3D metal printing technology. Therefore, it is not surprising that 3D toothbrushes made of metal can show different effects from ordinary toothbrushes. In fact, even plastic injection toothbrush has long become a fashionable design item. When buying a new toothbrush, it is not difficult to find that the toothbrush reflects the ergonomic design combining customization and functionality, and attracts users' attention with its unique color and shape. Compared with these ordinary toothbrushes, Zare's 3D metal toothbrush is better than blue

mio toothbrush design style

zare -- breaking through the Convention

zare is the leader in the field of 3D metal printing, but it has never thought of making a designer toothbrush with metal. Until 2015, Andrea Pasquali, a partner of Zare, met Christoph nussbaumer, a designer through other projects, and the two sides worked together to develop new profitable projects. Both Andre and christopha are keen on the concept of flexible design and pursue Seiko technology, resulting in many design inspirations. The two sides hope to create an unprecedented luxury product that can only be produced through additive manufacturing technology, starting with a certain daily necessities. Finally, following their inner intuition, the two chose to use metal to make "customized" toothbrushes. During this period, manufacturing cost is not the main consideration, while unique design, exclusive characteristics and user experience (such as ergonomics) become the focus. Zare was originally engaged in prototype manufacturing, and its professional experience in this field has laid the foundation for this new exploration. Why not produce a 3D printing toothbrush made of stainless steel or titanium that modulates its indication to zero or serves as the starting position of zero? Stainless steel and titanium are standard materials in the dental industry and are allowed to be used in the mouth. 316L stainless steel is widely used in dental field. Titanium has good biocompatibility, especially for allergic people. In addition, these two materials can reflect the value and sense of exclusivity pursued by the design. Therefore, the above two materials are the perfect choice to realize the design concept. On the other hand, production practice shows that concept laser's M2 cusingmultilaser can achieve excellent surface quality. For highly sensitive areas such as the mouth, the final product must have perfect surface quality. Therefore, the final process of toothbrush is completed by hand to ensure perfect finished product effect and optimal user comfort

close combination of personalization and strong brands

about half a year later, the team decided to adopt two design schemes, each of which introduced two styles, which are suitable for left-handed and right-handed users respectively, and made of 316L stainless steel and titanium. These two design schemes are patented. Each toothbrush has its own serial number and can be customized according to customers' needs. Customers can choose frosted, polished or electroplated surfaces, or choose the original surface texture like Mio raw, without special processing. The ergonomic design and replaceable silver brush head make this 3D printing toothbrush extremely durable and personalized, and its shape and texture have reached a new height. The high-quality packaging made by 3D plastic printing further highlights the top luxury temperament of the whole set of products

of course, this innovative product in the field of daily necessities also needs to establish a new marketing strategy under the new brand name, which is different from the previous product image. The toothbrush is named "Mio", which means "mine", and the naming highlights the brand positioning of Gaoding luxury goods. This product has been released on the website and will be on sale on September 1st, 2017. If it is successfully launched on the market, Zare will consider further expanding the Mio brand in the future and launching more luxury goods made of additive materials. In any case, Zare's concept of "following intuition" fully explains that 3D metal printing means transforming creative design and modeling into new products and functions

zare uses concept laser

in 2013, Zare entered the 3D metal printing market, hoping to improve product quality and surface quality by purchasing more ideal equipment. Finally, Zare purchased the production technology of concept laser system from Ridix company in Italy. In 2013, Zare invested in concept laser m2 and benefited, thereby purchasing another set of mlabcusing r equipment. Subsequently, Zare also purchased three sets of M2 cusingmultilaser and one set of X line 2000r for the manufacture of large components

zare3d factory equipped with concept laser equipment

at the beginning of operation, M2 cusing created a miracle for Zare. Concept laser optimizes the control performance by separating the process stage and the control stage. Especially when manufacturing active titanium products, the safety shown by concept laser is more widely praised. Andrea Pasquali said: "We are particularly surprised by the process of replacing materials. When using other equipment, material replacement is usually time-consuming and complex, which is a common phenomenon for us. However, if we want to achieve more flexible production, concept laser will become our only choice because of its efficient material replacement function. Compared with similar products, lasercusing is simpler to use, with greater flexibility and reliability. ”In addition, Zare was also impressed by other aspects of concept laser technology, such as achieving excellent surface quality. The surface quality of products produced by original equipment can usually only reach the sub optimal level. After the first M2 cusing of concept laser was put into use, the product quality has been greatly improved. After converting to 3D printing, the surface quality of the product is further improved. The adjustable laser point setting enhances flexibility and reflects obvious technical advantages. The latest three sets of concept lasermultilaser have greatly improved productivity. Andrea Pasquali said, "M2 cusingmultilaser has brought our installation and debugging speed to a new level. Based on the geometric dimensions and materials of components, productivity has increased by%

with the Mio brand, Zare, a product service provider, develops insurance sales to become a manufacturer with its own brand strategy and philosophy. At the same time, the Mio brand has also become the second largest profit driver of the enterprise. In short, Zare adheres to "follow intuition" and produces "Pro Mio" products, which fully explains that 3D metal printing means transforming creative design and modeling into new products and functions through flexible production. Andrea Pasquali said, "for Zare, additive manufacturing means that we can reshape every product with more creative design."

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