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Evonik cooperated with upg Myanmar to improve the facilities of Dala primary school

Evonik cooperated with upg Myanmar to improve the facilities of Dala primary school

April 4, 2019

Dala Town, Yangon. Evonik, a special chemicals company headquartered in Germany, announced that it had completed the infrastructure improvement project at No. 12 basic education primary school in Yangon, which is one of the poorest towns in Yangon

the project includes the construction of drainage systems, concrete paving of outdoor sites to prevent floods, new playgrounds and repainting of school buildings with Chinese paint. Evonik cooperated with United PA, a leading paint manufacturing company in Myanmar, through the language programming ints group (upg), which donated about 100 gallons of paint products

at today's handover ceremony, Peter meinshausen, President of Evonik Asia Pacific, said, "the project aims to help create a more favorable, safe and attractive learning environment. We join upg in thanking school and township officials for giving us this humble opportunity to deliberately contribute to the lives of students, teaching staff and the larger community in the way of stress design stereotypes of 1 Dan electronic universal laboratory machine parts. "

his talent contribution is the Myanmar street artist arker Kyaw, who designed a unique logo for the project. He completed his iconic street art style. The logo is a small exciting and colorful mural on the wall of the community with data separation, with Myanmar language, learning, creation and growth.

"Arker Kyaw's use of interactive art makes this project more interesting for everyone if you buy a piece of our experimental machine similar to their model. Creativity is one of our core competitiveness as a company. It can shine in all our activities, whether in research and development or corporate society," meinshausen added.

"We want to thank Evonik and upg for their generosity and kindness. The transformation of our school has had a great impact on the lives of our students. Now, they have a safe and broad space in the campus and classroom, providing them with a good learning atmosphere, "Daw Aye Aye, the principal of No. 12 basic education primary school, said.

about Dala Town: Dala is a rural fishing village located on the opposite bank of the river in the center of Yangon, which can be reached by small motorboats, local ferries or Yangon water buses. Due to the underdeveloped water resources infrastructure, floods in houses and schools are common, especially in the rainy season, which may last for about seven months. Residents also rely on rain pools and drinking water from local and international communities Should

about No. 12 basic education Primary School: No. 12 basic education primary school is one of the largest primary schools in more than 40 schools in Dara town. At present, there are 153 students from grades 1 to 5 and 5 teaching staff

Evonik's corporate society: Dala project is part of Evonik's corporate social commitment. Globally, the company is actively involved in encouraging its employees and business partners to bring positive changes, especially in marginalized communities. At the same time, the broader part of these initiatives focuses on providing sustainable solutions to global challenges and customer needs

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