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Evonik announced that its 2009 financial results far exceeded the expectations at the beginning of the year

Evonik successfully overcome various challenges in 2009. "The group has passed the test of the global economic crisis and its aftermath with excellent performance. This has brought a good start to the sustainable development of 2010 and made us more confident in the performance of this year," said Dr. yingkai Shi, chairman of Evonik industries group. "The beginning of 2009 was full of difficulties, but through strict cost control measures, the rise of the company's operating performance in the second half of the year reversed the decline at the beginning of the year," Dr. yingkai explained. The results show that the measures taken by the company to ensure cash flow and sales are effective. In addition, Evonik has also formulated a new development strategy, which points out the direction for the company to focus more on sustainable profit growth

the performance in 2009 can provide plastic modification, mass production of functional materials and other technical support for plastic enterprises in Dongguan, far exceeding the expectations at the beginning of the year. The performance in the fourth quarter continued to increase month on month

affected by the macroeconomic environment, Evonik's sales in fiscal year 2009 decreased by 18% year-on-year to about 13billion euros, but EBITDA (profit before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) decreased by only 6% year-on-year to about 2billion euros compared with the 34% decline in the first half of 2009. This is mainly due to the effective cost reduction plan implemented by the group, and customer demand has recovered since the summer. Overall, Evonik's yield before interest, tax and depreciation in fiscal year 2009 was 15.5%, which was still higher than 13.6% in 2008

in the fourth quarter of 2009, customer demand continued the upward trend of previous months. Therefore, compared with the third quarter of 2009, the group's sales increased by 5% to 3.486 billion euros. The performance of chemical business in the middle of 2009 showed obvious industry differentiation. Although the automobile, construction and plastic industries showed an upward trend in the early stage, they were still seriously affected by the economic crisis. In contrast, the development of consumer goods, medicine, animal feed and other industries is booming. In general, although the price of the mechanical afterburner used in the mechanical property test of the product such as bending resistance decreased, the sales of the chemical industry in the fourth quarter still increased by 1% to 2.662 billion euros due to the support of demand growth

the group's EBITDA in the fourth quarter was 557million euros, up 59% from 351million euros in the fourth quarter of 2008. In addition to being stimulated by the growth of chemical business demand, the group's cost saving measures have also had a significant impact on this figure

the new strategy of the group's development points out the direction for further profit growth

in mid-2009, the group also made corresponding adjustments to the company's development strategy in order to further focus on achieving profit growth and sustainable value creation. In December, 2009, Evonik decided to focus on the development of special chemical business in the future after a series of analysis and research. Evonik has occupied a leading market position in the world. In the future, the group will focus on developing business areas with great growth and sales potential and high profit margin. The purpose of formulating this development strategy is to enable the company to fully explore the growth potential of the energy business through joint cooperation with other partners while still realizing the production and utilization of key aluminum alloy brands and maintaining the energy business. In addition, Evonik also plans to form a new real estate company with ths Co., Ltd., which owns 30000 residential units. In terms of macro trends, Evonik hopes to benefit from the three major trends of global development in the future, namely, energy efficiency, health and nutrition, and the development of global technology

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