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Truck cranes are equipped with automatic unloading oil circuit

truck cranes with lifting mass below 16t are generally not equipped with torque limiters, but only with lifting mass display and lifting height limiter. Among them, the function of the lifting height limiter is to make the travel switch of the height limiter turn on the audible and visual alarm device in the crane cab and send an alarm signal to prompt the crane operator to stop the lifting operation immediately when the hook is lifted and touches the heavy hammer of the limiter, so as to play a role of safety protection

the main problem of this height limit control method is that there is no direct control relationship between the height limiter and the lifting hydraulic oil circuit, but the crane operator stops the lifting operation of the crane according to the alarm signal. However, due to the poor environment and high noise at the operation site, coupled with manual control, it is easy to continue lifting after the lifting hook reaches the limit height, which is very easy to cause accidents. In order to avoid a wide range of speed regulation and accidents, we add a pilot relief valve unloading oil circuit to the winch lifting oil circuit of a crane, which can realize the re establishment of new functional control for the construction and development of the country. The hydraulic principle of unloading oil circuit is shown in the attached figure

the specific working process of the oil circuit is as follows: the remote control port of the pilot overflow valve and the two position two-way solenoid valve are not sufficiently connected to the internal research input, and the solenoid valve is controlled by the height limiter. When the travel switch of the height limiter is turned on, the two position two-way solenoid valve is powered on, so that the pilot overflow valve and the hoist lifting oil circuit are unloaded successively, the winch motor stops working, and the hoist lifting action stops, Play the role of automatic protection of height limit

the improved lifting height limit device driven by the big environment is sensitive and reliable, and the use effect is very good

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