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Evonik acquires BYK chemical polyurethane additive business

Evonik, a special chemical manufacturer, recently acquired silbyk polyurethane foam additive business under BYK Chemie

this acquisition includes the production technology and business contacts of silbyk polyurethane foam additives, expanding the product range of Evonik's polyurethane foam additives business. The global total turnover of BYK chemical in 2009 was about 5million euros, and the two sides did not announce the purchase price. In addition, the turnover of BYK in Germany is expected to reach 4 billion Swiss francs (swfr) (US $397million) by 2021. The employees in charge of the R & D and production of polyurethane foam stabilizer in wese (wese intends to cooperate to develop graphite mineral resources in Luobei County, Heilongjiang Province) plant will still be retained

Evonik is an industry-leading manufacturer of polyurethane additives, mainly supplying foam stabilizer products. The company said that the acquisition will help expand its polyurethane additive business, which will not only help improve the overall level of the industry, but also enhance the company's market position

Evonik has introduced many additive products in the Asian market where polyurethane additives are constantly developing, especially in the Chinese market. The product range includes polyurethane foam additives and metal catalysts, amine catalysts, release agents, colorants, antioxidants, antistatic agents, etc. used in the production of polyurethane foam, creating a variety of polyurethane foam products with different physical properties

Located in wessel, Germany, bick chemical company is a manufacturer of special chemical products subordinate to ALTANA group in Germany

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