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Kitchen is a very important part of decoration. Compared with the standard kitchen, the small family does not have enough space for its "waste", so create a warm and comfortable small kitchen

kitchen is a very important part of decoration. Compared with the standard kitchen, the small family does not have enough space for its "extravagance", so to create a warm and comfortable small kitchen, it needs enough space, enough style of cabinets, enough personality of accessories, and enough fashionable overall atmosphere. If you want to turn your small kitchen into a big space, you can see whether these experiences are worth learning from

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1) cabinets should not be too cheap. The plates should be at least dew river. The amount of plates used in cabinets is quite considerable. In addition, the general small kitchen space and relatively humid and hot use environment are suitable for formaldehyde release conditions, so environmental protection is still very important

2) the most durable cabinet door panel is fire-proof board, the shortest service life is blister, the most afraid of scratching is paint baking, the most expensive is solid wood, and the cheapest is double facing

3) those who have little silver and seldom go to the kitchen, and pay attention to the effect, blister, can make various shapes that can only be made of solid wood

4) those with less silver and often go to the kitchen, fireproof board or double facing, durable and practical

5) it is better to use ABS or aluminum for the edge sealing of cabinet door, which is more durable

6) the top cabinet of the cabinet is not very useful. It can't be put too heavy, and it's not very convenient to take it. It's far better to make a 40 cabinet that goes to the top in one pass

7) there is no need to use glass for the cabinet door. There are no handicrafts in the cabinet. All the sundries like oil, salt and vinegar are exposed, which is very ugly. If you have to use it, it is best to bring flowers or frosted

8) cabinet particleboard cannot be nailed up and down repeatedly, so it is better to use hardware at the beginning

9) it is better not to use the cabinet door handle that is easy to hang clothes, and it should be considered to use wet hands or oily hands, so it is better to choose a larger handle

10) Chinese food needs more things than western food. Don't forget to leave room for rice, flour, oil and miscellaneous grains

11) if the disinfection cabinet and oven are embedded in the cabinet, it is best to stick aluminum foil on the cabinet wall around these appliances, or even bake the four walls together, so as to reduce the service life of the cabinet

12) a small wattage operation wall lamp is placed on the console, which is very practical

13) 30-35 can put knives, kitchen boards, chopsticks, bottles and so on. Lalan is chicken ribs, which can't put much stuff at all. It's inconvenient to use it if you put condiments instead. In fact, there are two kinds of Lalan that are most practical, one is for the bowl, and the other is for the pot

14) Lalan had better not be connected to the door panel. The door panel is easy to deform after a long time and is not on the same plane as other door panels

15) drawers are very practical, but not the more the better (the price is too expensive). In fact, most drawers are not reasonably placed, so small partitions in drawers can be considered

16) stainless steel countertops are the most durable, artificial stones are the least dirty, and quartz stones are the most expensive. Stainless steel countertops are the most suitable ones that are often used. They are too cold and can be adjusted with panels and tiles

17) stainless steel embossed table top is less likely to show scratches than wiredrawing table top

18) the side smoking machine is indeed better than the ordinary or European cigarette machine

19) although the side smoking machine should be scrubbed frequently, it can greatly reduce the oil absorption in the fan

20) it is not enough for the side smoking machine body and exhaust pipe to be fixed only by clips, which must be sealed with glue

21) it is better to install the side smoking machine as close to the stove as possible

22) if an ordinary or European smoke machine is installed, it is best to install a stainless steel sheet on the ceramic tile part near the stove, so that it can be easily cleaned

23) the stove panel is still the most practical stainless steel, no Teflon, no glass, especially the glass is dirty and not easy to scrub and greasy

24) do not apply glue between the stove and the panel to facilitate inspection

25) the stove must have small holes on the surface to prevent the soup from overflowing and flowing into the stove

26) the footwall of the sink is easier to take care of the table surface, especially if the stainless steel sink is on the stainless steel table surface, the adhesion of the glue is much worse than that of artificial stone

27) the faucet handle of the sink must be large and easy to clean, preferably the one that can be pushed and closed with the arm

28) the sink must have a basket to prevent blocking the water and facilitate cleaning

29) the water in the sink must make an S-bend, otherwise the smell will return

30) if the family has a large population, the large single slot will be more convenient and suitable for the life of Chinese people

31) if there is no floor drain in the kitchen, it is better not to put the washing machine in the kitchen

32) in the water and electricity transformation, we must think about the cabinet layout and electrical needs. We must leave enough sockets. Sockets are best left on the front and rear walls, and waterproof boxes are not necessary

33) if the cupboard can be exposed at the water supply outlet, it will be exposed. Although it is less beautiful, it is much safer

34) don't put paintings, ceramics, fake flowers and other flashy things in the kitchen. You can consider planting a little potted plants. Foreign countries like to plant some herbs and mint in the kitchen. You can pick some at any time and use them in the dishes, which is worthy of our reference

35) dishwashers are basically not suitable for China's national conditions, and waste is one; The cost performance of the disinfection cabinet is unreasonable, and it will be used as a cupboard most of the time. Unless there are patients at home or there are many visitors (visitors are best to go to the restaurant), generally people don't need to spend more than 2000 yuan. It's better to go to IKEA and spend dozens of yuan to buy a drainage basket and put it outside to dry

36) it's better not to wipe your hands with a rag in the kitchen, and it's better to use coarse-grained toilet paper sold in the supermarket. It's much cleaner, and this money still needs to be spent

37) if the kitchen is often used, the ceiling of the kitchen is still aluminum-plastic plate, square plate

38) the main light source in the kitchen is better to be embedded, and the brightness must be enough

39) if you need to use the kitchen frequently, you should understand this in advance. If the kitchen function is still used primarily, it will definitely be in contradiction with beauty, and there must be a choice, unless the kitchen is for viewing

40) the gas must not be wrapped up, and the place for inspection and maintenance must be reserved

41) in addition to the main valve, it is better to set valves respectively for gas stoves, gas water heaters, etc. to facilitate closing in case of problems

42) the hose must be replaced every two years

43) if most of the gas pipelines are wrapped in the cabinet, it is best to leave a gas alarm socket, and the alarm can be used in the future or now

44) if you cook less meals by yourself, you can consider the open type. If you cook more, it is safer to close it. No matter how good the smoking machine is, it is impossible to absorb all the lampblack. You can consider the plastic steel door or glass partition, which can greatly increase the lighting

45) set up a hanging rod in the kitchen to hang some commonly used guys, which will be very convenient to use

46) if you spend 100-200 yuan on a glass cover for an ordinary cigarette machine, the effect will be much better, that is, it is ugly and not easy to clean

47) the brick calendering and highlight of the kitchen are still relatively easy to clean, that is, never choose pitted or rough noodles

48) unless the kitchen is very small, generally, you can try colors other than white. It is best to use warm colors. You can consider matching two colors, which has the feeling of home rather than the feeling of the kitchen in the restaurant

49) kitchen floor tiles must be non slip, and it is best to put a floor mat in the operation area

50) the kitchen windowsill can be made wider as far as possible, and a lot of things can be put, which is more practical




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