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Since November 2016, letters of notice from major building materials manufacturers on price increases have snowballed to major channels and dealers

since November 2016, the notification letters of major building materials manufacturers on price increases have snowballed to major channels and dealers. The person in charge of material procurement of many well-known domestic home decoration companies revealed that due to the rising cost of the upstream supply chain, the overall price rise of the whole home decoration industry was basically a foregone conclusion in the spring of 2017

in 2017, the cost of decoration market increased by 20%~35%, so some things should be decided early, so as not to regret the large price increase. The price increase has become a trend. Buy early and earn early, decorate early and earn early

from the perspective of the impact of the national environment

first, on September 1, 2016, the state announced the "load restriction order"! The implementation of the "load restriction order" has resulted in an increase of at least 30% in transportation costs, resulting in an increase of 15% in the cost of raw materials of products.

Second, the national tax "replacing business tax with value-added tax", the original reasonable tax avoidance has been illegal, and regular enterprises have to add tax to the cost, with a 3% increase in business tax of 17%

third, after 2017, personal bank card classification and personal income tax will also be regulated

many owners choose to decorate after considering 2017. Previously, they have said that winter decoration is beneficial to the heating construction of carpenters and oilers, and now booking in advance is to earn money, and the decoration price will definitely rise next year! Please look at the following list:

I. The Rise of building materials

the price rise of floors and plates is the most obvious. Stairs, wooden doors, cabinets, wardrobes and furniture have increased by nearly 20% as a whole. The supply of logs in the entire international market is very tight. After the implementation of the National Natural Conservation Project and the prohibition and restriction of logging in forest areas, the supply of wood suitable for furniture has decreased

the shortage of wood supply at home and abroad led to an 18% increase in plate prices at the end of last year. The rising prices and raw material prices also forced the prices of downstream wooden doors, floors, cabinets, stairs, furniture and so on to rise

II. Auxiliary materials rise

the price of auxiliary materials such as cement, sand, paint, paint, etc. shows a rising trend...

1. The packaging of household building materials products is mainly cartons, but the increase of cartons last year was more than 30%

2. The increase of paint and coating of household building materials products last year was about 40%

3. The increase of cement was 10%-15%

4. The price of sand was 30%

5. The price of light steel keel was more than 10%

6. Wires,the The price of galvanized iron pipes and hardware has increased by 10%-25%

III. labor costs have increased

due to the general rise in social prices, the actual living costs of decoration workers have increased, coupled with the shortage of skilled decoration workers, wages have also risen with the tide. Tilers used to stick bricks at 25-30 yuan/Ping, but now Tilers can stick bricks at 40-45 yuan/Ping; The average daily salary of oil workers, water electricians and carpenters is 250 to 280 yuan, up from 180 to 200 yuan previously; Skilled workers will rise by 15% or more on this basis

IV. logistics rise

the overall price increase of all logistics companies across the country has led to a significant increase in enterprise transportation costs, while the rising labor costs and operating costs have affected the comprehensive price increase of coating enterprises

v. hardware rise

the rise of metal raw materials has a huge impact on the decoration. Wires, galvanized iron pipes, hardware, etc. rise. Can the decoration cost not rise

VI. peripheral rise

do you think only the basic price of decoration has increased? Not only!!! Even the prices of furniture and household appliances have risen, and even store rents have risen. Therefore, it is an inevitable fact that the decoration price increases every peak season

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