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Hebei Southern power market trading has yielded fruitful results

recently, it was learned from Hebei Power Trading Center that in 2017, as the power trading agency of Hebei Southern Power, the technical index of permeability was often neglected, actively overcome adverse factors such as tight power supply, and fully rely on Hebei Southern Power trading platform to organize 925 direct power transactions, 26 power generation enterprises and 296 power users 33 power selling companies logged on to the platform and reached a deal. The annual trading electricity was 30.23 billion kwh, which was equivalent to the sum of the annual electricity consumption of the structure of 1. Concrete pressure testing machine in Xingtai and Hengshui. The electricity purchase cost of users was reduced by 700million yuan, effectively releasing the reform dividend

building a market pattern of buying more and selling more is the main goal of power system reform. Hebei electric power trading center has comprehensively improved its service concept, guaranteed users to fully exercise their free choice, strengthened its service functions to power generation enterprises, power sales companies and users, improved its ability to quickly respond to customers' needs and use cables, and actively promoted the cultivation of diversified power sales entities, Continuously improve the service quality of electricity sales and the energy consumption level of users

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