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The poor village in Liuhe Town, Xingyang city is equipped with street lights to illuminate the villagers' happy night

image. This is the news caused by static electricity (wangwenkai's correspondent Zhang Jingyi). On the midsummer night, colorful neon lights, cheerful square dancing, cool off people, running and playing children... These constitute a beautiful landscape of the city. Shizhuang village, Liuhe Town, Xingyang City, is a poor village, but it is lonely under the cover of the night. The sky is full of stars, cicadas and birds, and no one appreciates them. Its loneliness and desolation are reflected in its tranquility

no one goes out at night in Shizhuang village. As long as the sun goes down, the villagers will return home with the door closed. Children are not allowed to go out after sunset. It is not that the villagers are inhumane, but that the night here is too dark. It is not enough to rely on moonlight. Although there are street lamps on the huancuiyu tourist Avenue passing through Shizhuang village, the roads in the village are still very dark. It is very dangerous to walk on such a dark village path. The villagers consciously stopped going out after sunset, and children were also asked not to go out to avoid danger

street lights illuminate the country roads

however, not long ago, with the joint efforts of the two village committees and the first secretary stationed in the village, Shizhuang village installed solar street lights. From then on, under the night curtain of the beautiful mountain village, parents, villagers and relatives enjoyed the charming scenery under the lamp

it all started when wanghaoyang, the first Secretary of the working team stationed in Shizhuang village, came to live in Shizhuang village. One night, he had something to go out and found it dangerous to drive on such a dark village road. At that time, he thought that it would be more inconvenient for the villagers to live here for a long time without street lights. How can we change this situation so that the villagers can have a safer and more comfortable living environment? After consultation and discussion between the village team and the two village committees, it was decided to install solar street lamps for the villagers

villagers cool off under street lights

after running around and coordinating, the night of Shizhuang village lit up on July 16, 2018. That night, the villagers did not watch TV at home. They gathered in twos and threes at the place with street lights in front of the door. The women danced in the square, the men played chess next to the street lights, and the children played nearby. Both adults and children are smiling. The night in Shizhuang village was lively and happy

the villagers said that they should thank the party for its poverty alleviation policy and the support of the village committee and the village working team. In the future, Shizhuang village will be safe, beautiful and lively every night

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recently, the land and Resources Office of Jiayu Town, Xingyang City, during the inspection, based on two force pillars, measured with a dial indicator and found that the west of shuanglouguo village in the area under its jurisdiction was suspected of illegal construction of "greenhouses", which was identified as "greenhouses" after field investigation, and immediately issued a written document to it, And report to the Municipal Bureau and Jiayu town government. At 3:00 p.m. on July 20, Jiayu town government launched a joint law enforcement mechanism to organize more than 40 people, including land, construction and environmental protection, to rectify the illegal acts of "greenhouse houses" according to law

On July 19, zhangshuxia, chairman of the Standing Committee of Xingyang Municipal People's Congress, and a delegation of 46 people inspected the execution of Xingyang court. Cuihao, Secretary of the party leading group and President of Xingyang court, and others accompanied the inspection

in recent years, with the continuous strengthening of landscape construction, the greening area of Xingyang city has been expanding, and the pressure of plant pest control has also increased. In order to effectively protect the landscape of the city, prevent and control diseases and pests without harming the environment, Xingyang garden center actively explores and promotes the application of new technologies in the field of environmental protection and pest control

On the morning of July 19, the construction unit Zhengzhou Chunyuan town real estate Co., Ltd. organized the project managers or principals of Henan Engineering hydrogeology survey Institute Co., Ltd., the Sixth Design and Research Institute of Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., Henan Hongye Construction Management Co., Ltd. and Henan Green City Construction Co., Ltd, The acceptance team composed of the staff of Xingyang Quality Inspection Station conducted the preliminary acceptance of the completion of Liucun community of the joint construction and reconstruction project of four villages in Yulong Town, Xingyang city

in July, the fire in the hearts of the villagers cannot be stopped because there is a lot of dust on the measuring instrument. In the early morning of July 18, 51 poor households in Liuhe Town, Xingyang city gathered at their village committees and waited for the arrival of the Xingyang Charity Federation

from now on to November 30, patients with registered residence in Xingyang city can enjoy free cataract surgery. As a public hospital, Xingyang people's hospital has always adhered to the public welfare of public hospitals and has been a designated hospital for free cataract surgery for many years

in order to promote the establishment of the national public service system demonstration zone to a new level and complete the final acceptance with high standards, on the morning of July 19, Liuhe Town, Xingyang city held a "promotion meeting on the establishment of cultural service demonstration zone" again. The staff of the town's cultural service center and the cultural administrators of 15 villages attended the meeting

on July 18, Tielong community, Jingcheng road sub district, Xingyang City, together with the "three trips to the countryside" summer volunteer service team of Zhengzhou University, launched a drug and AIDS prevention campaign in the ribbon garden of Guangwu Road, Yanwu road

on the afternoon of July 16, Mr. Cheng, an applicant who lives in Gushi County, Henan Province, braved the heat and traveled hundreds of miles to the Xingyang people's court. While delivering a banner to the executor Zhang Kai, he kept lamenting: "thank you for running all the way to Funan County on such a hot day, and solving all the problems in less than a day. I'm really touched!"

on the morning of July 19, Chengguan Township, Xingyang city held a meeting to promote the reform of the rural collective property right system, which was attended by the secretaries and directors of 29 villages (communities) and the directors of the supervision committee. Shenjunping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Chengguan Township, presided over the meeting

On July 18, the labor and social security office of Chengguan Township, Xingyang City, together with the Xingyang Charity Federation, visited four orphans in the area and gave them summer cool quilts, milk and medical insurance funds

in order to further strengthen the work of minimum living security, improve the management and service level of minimum living allowances, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of people in need, Yulong Town, Xingyang City, has recently conducted household investigation on the situation of households with minimum living allowances under its jurisdiction in strict accordance with the spirit of the relevant documents of Zhengzhou Civil Affairs Bureau and the unified deployment and arrangement of Xingyang Civil Affairs Bureau, following the three principles of local management, seeking truth from facts and strict review, and carefully completed the review of minimum living allowances

erlangmiao village of huancuiyu scenic spot in Xingyang city is located in the southern mountain area of Xingyang city. This village is not only the core of the scenic spot, but also a key village for the consolidation and improvement of Zhengzhou city. Most of the young people in the village go out to work. Although the old people who stay at home have a secure life, there is no way to increase their income with PS as the external force at the yield point s. In order to broaden the channels for local villagers to increase their income, the Management Committee of huancuiyu scenic spot has not forgotten to standardize the original income categories while constantly adjusting the industrial structure

Jiagou village is a provincial-level poverty-stricken village, which is located in the southwest of Xingyang city. In the past, people in Liuhe Town knew that the village was far away from the town and had little economic and industrial development. It was a remote and poor mountain village. Now, when you come to Jiagou village again, you will be surprised by the new elevator houses, beautiful communities, spacious cultural stages, neat village committee office buildings and fully equipped "sunshine houses" for the elderly

due to the construction of 701 station project, 701 station sewage main pipe relocation project and Suohe bridge reconstruction project of Zhengzhou Gongyi railway municipal supporting project, the key traffic construction projects in Zhengzhou, it is necessary to implement the full closed construction for Wanshan road and Chenggao Road, and the full closed construction for both ends of Zhengshang road crossing the Suohe bridge

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