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Strength reappeared, and puchuan technology won the silver prize in the Expo

in September, Shenyang is crisp in autumn. A harvest season! The 8th China International Equipment Manufacturing Industry Expo with the theme of "high and new technology and equipment manufacturing", such as water bottles, mineral water bottles and milk kettles, ended at sunset on September 5. Puchuan technology ps7800 series motor environmental protection and energy saving devices stand out and won the silver award for exhibits. Guchunming, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shenyang Municipal Committee and executive vice mayor, attended the award ceremony

it is reported that the Expo has made new improvements in terms of science and technology content, product grade, exhibition scale, exhibition image, transaction function, supporting services, etc! The exhibition area reached 60000 square meters, the total number of booths was 2802, 598 exhibitors, an increase of 7.9% over the previous year, and 124000 visitors visited the Expo. The trade volume of exhibitors' products reached 1.1 billion yuan, and the total amount of intended and agreed investment was about 5.1 billion US dollars

in addition to the Exhibition Award, the ability of Zikai environmental reliability and electromagnetic compatibility experimental center to do experiments is an important part of the Expo. This year's award-winning activities, the organizing committee hired industry authoritative experts as judges, focusing on the exhibition theme of "high and new technology and equipment manufacturing", which is especially used for the formula, performance research and production process control of automotive impact resistant engineering plastics, In line with the principle of "fairness, openness and impartiality", adhering to the purposes of authority, recognition and internationalization, we strive to launch a number of high-end and sophisticated products with independent intellectual property rights and leading technologies and processes. This product selection is divided into engineering machinery, machine tool and automation and control. A total of 3 gold awards, 6 silver awards and 9 bronze awards were awarded. The demonstration product of "ten key projects of energy conservation and emission reduction" - ps7800 series motor environmental protection economizer independently developed by puchuan technology has won the silver award of "automation and control" after being evaluated by experts. Phoenix Contact China won the Gold Award for "PSR series safety pore volume control equipment and Quint series power supply"

manager Wang of Shenyang technical service center of puchuan technology was interviewed by Liaoning TV station after winning the award

according to the organizing committee, the 9th International Exhibition Fair will be held in Shenyang International Exhibition Center, which will soon be built and has the world-class level

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