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Canned instant noodles: "food for subjugation" (Part 1)

● canned instant noodles are "food for subjugation" that destroys the body and culture of the Japanese.

the first reason why I call canned instant noodles "food for subjugation" is from the perspective of nutritional value. The nutritional value of canned instant noodles is very low. It does not contain vitamins A and C and contains very few other vitamins. On the contrary, its salt content is about 2 times the maximum daily intake of 3 grams stipulated by the Special Committee on nutrition of the United States House of Lords, and it contains about 1 gram of sodium glutamate, a chemical seasoning. Various micronutrients and cellulose are seriously deficient. If you eat canned instant noodles for a long time, you will certainly suffer from vitamin deficiency, mineral deficiency and other symptoms. You will also suffer from taste disorders and various nutritional disorders due to excessive intake of salt and sodium glutamate. In addition, the large plastic market, which will also bring kidney disease and high blood pressure, has been under pressure for several 10 years

second, as pointed out in the book can not buy, it is not only canned instant noodles, but also packaging boxes made of polystyrene, which will deform when exposed to heat. Therefore, it is also called thermoplastic plastic. In order to avoid the decomposition and deformation of polystyrene during processing, stabilizer anti acidification agent (BHT) needs to be added. This substance is a carcinogen, which can cause liver hypertrophy Low birth rate, chromosome abnormality and other diseases. Moreover, the pregnant female rats ate the bait mixed with 0.1%bht and gave birth to the mice with anophthalmia, which is enough to prove that BHT has teratogenicity. At the same time, anti acid agent will be added to the canned instant noodles during the frying process. These harmful substances are dissolved in the soup with the injection of boiling hot water. Polystyrene will not only cause tumors, but also affect the nervous system, liver function and blood increasing function, stimulating and paralyzing the eyes and mucous membranes. What is more shocking is that 1100ppb of phthalate (plastic plastic plastic substance), which has been identified as an environmental hormone, can be detected in canned instant noodles. Its content is 688 times of the highest level of 1.6ppb in recent three years in tamakawa, Japan. One third of the testes of male carp in tamachuan show rope like atrophy. Of course, this is not all caused by phthalates, but canned instant noodles have reached about 700 times the level of environmental pollution that scholars worry about. Not only that, plastic itself is also made of a large number of synthetic additives. These countless synthetic additives will also dissolve with the injection of hot water. Styrene polymer compounds, dimers and other substances will appear

these plastic additives are suspected to have the effect of killing sperm and other environmental hormones. Phthalates are identified as one of the environmental hormones. I think all canned instant noodles represented by Nissin canned instant noodles are "the most dangerous post-war thought control commodity". Because these manufacturers carry out a large number of commercial advertising and other information operations, which affect the public's consumption orientation. (junsuke kanase)

● the monomers, dimers and even solvents in the container will dissolve.

the Japanese children's fund has done an experiment. Twelve brands of canned instant noodles were injected with boiling water. After five minutes of testing, it was found that each brand of canned instant noodles contained 1 to 33 different amounts of PPB styrene monomer. When the instant noodle can came into contact with heptane and other test solvents, it was found that substances such as styrene dimer were leaking out (National Institute of pharmaceutical and food hygiene)

experts pointed out that both styrene dimer and styrene monomer are adsorbed on the inner wall of the instant noodle can. Once soaked, they will dissolve in the soup. In fact, it is meaningless to distinguish monomers, dimers and trimers with local flavor in a measured value, because styrene itself is a poison. Moreover, the bowls and cans containing styrene and other substances also contain a variety of plastic additives. The danger of these substances dissolving in the soup with hot water is great

"foam styrene is often mixed with a large amount of volatile components, including 100ppm n-propyl benzene, 226ppm isopropyl benzene, 318ppm styrene and 321ppm toluene" (can not be bought). The PPM unit concentration is equal to 1000 times of ppb. These substances are dissolved in hot water

● canned instant noodles containing a large number of food additives

we can find an amazing number of food additives in the packaging containers of canned instant noodles. Canned instant noodles in addition to the container of harmful substances can melt, a variety of food additives are also harmful to the human body

in the special collection article of the spring and Autumn Festival of literature and art (december2,1999), the raw materials of canned instant noodles (anonymous) a, B, C and D were compared

a: vegetable oil, protein hydrolysate, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), tackifying polysaccharides, caramel pigments, alkaline water, spices

b: vegetable oil, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), caramel pigments, alkaline water, spices

c: animal and vegetable oil, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), alkaline water

d: vegetable oil, protein hydrolysate, spices, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), alkaline water, tackifying polysaccharides, sweeteners (xylose) Zengweiqing, a research expert on caramel pigment

food additives, believes that the combination of type A and D should be avoided as far as possible. Because there are too many additives in a and D, and "tackifying polysaccharides" are used. Tackifying polysaccharides may contain carrageenan, a carcinogen, so it should be avoided in food. Moreover, if common protein hydrolysates and casein sodium in raw materials are encountered together, it may cause allergic symptoms. Caramel pigment may feel very safe in the eyes of ordinary people, but according to the introduction of zengweiqing, this substance is made by roasting or ammonia evaporation, and its toxicity and instability will cause harm to human body. Even as the most common spices in food additives, there are many kinds of spices, some of which can cause allergies

some canned instant noodles, like type D, use xylose as sweet seasoning. Xylose is a natural sweetener extracted from sugarcane or corncob, but excessive intake is easy to cause dysentery. (Zengwei's) (junsuke kanase)

(to be continued)

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