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On December 29, 2010, a person who had a close contact with AkzoNobel's raw material procurement department disclosed that "paint giants like AkzoNobel also have plans to reduce production in the Chinese market for two months." The person used "very severe" to describe the intensity of production reduction, and part of the reason for the reduction is that "the price of raw materials rises rapidly, and the terminal price is difficult to follow up"

the coating industry is facing a large-scale production reduction after switching off the power supply. AkzoNobel is a large global coating manufacturer and one of the world's top 500 enterprises. Its brand duluxpro has a market share of nearly 40% in the Chinese market. On November 8, the diversified base built by the company in Ningbo with an investment of 275million euros has just been announced. However, AkzoNobel's senior management said to him about the rise in raw material prices, "indeed, we see that compared with 2009, due to the rise in raw material prices, we also find that it affects our 5% interests in the income statement," and the countermeasure is to "flexibly adjust market demand and make good use of our own pricing policies"

it is understood that Dulux did not adjust the price after the NDRC announced the price control and supervision policies. The hydraulic universal testing machine is used for tensile, contraction, zigzag and shear tests of various metal and non-metal materials, "For domestic enterprises, the pressure is even greater. Because the lotion enterprises that produce coatings are chemical enterprises, most of them can not start work normally due to the impact of energy conservation and emission reduction and power cut-off. 4. low temperature tank power supply: 220V50Hz. The price of purchasing foreign lotion is very high."

huangjunhua calculated that this cost increase was more than 30% and the two sides jointly established the Shandong Branch of China aluminum materials utilization research institute. Once the production is completed, it will be inversely linked to the terminal price. As for the terminal price, "if there is no price increase for Dulux, China Resources and other products, it will be difficult for the whole industry to increase prices"

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