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Post press processing technology 1000 questions (97

97. according to the classification of finished products and width, which types of hot melt adhesive pre coating can be divided?

① there are 4 types of 1000, 1080, 1100 and 1200 for 1000mm level; ② there are 3 types of 850, 870 and 880 for 800mm level; ③ there are 4 types of 700, 760, 770 and 780 for 700mm level; ④ there are 610, 620 and 65 for 600mm level; there are 4 types of 0 and 690 for different products; ⑤ there are 4 types of 500, 510, 520, 530, 540, 560, 570, 580 and 590 for 500mm level., 9 kinds in total; ⑥ 400mm Level 41 has realized multi variety production of 0, 420, 430, 440, 450, 460, 470, a total of 7; ⑦ There are 10 classes of 300mm, including 300, 310, 320, 330, 340, 350, 360, 370, 380 and 390; ⑧ There are two types of 200m and 270

98. What is the basic structure of the precoating laminating machine

the precoating film laminating machine is a special equipment for laminating printed matter with precoated plastic film. Its main structure is composed of four parts: film unwinding, automatic printing input, hot pressing lamination and automatic winding. Compared with the instant coating film laminating machine, it does not need adhesive coating and drying parts, so it has compact structure, small volume, low cost, simple operation, startup with use, large production flexibility and high efficiency. The lamination of pre coating and paper printed matter can only be done by hot pressing. It is suitable for all kinds of laminating machines, laminating machines and plastic sealing machines with hot pressing function. That is, the bridge type combined laminating machine of the gluing wet composite process does not need to make any changes, and can be completely used for precoating

99. What are the process steps of pre coating

the operation procedure of pre coating includes five steps: discharging, starting, transporting printed matter, winding and slitting

100. What is the operation content of pre coating material release

pass the pre coating film through the feeding rod and place it on the feeding shaft seat. Pass through the straight flattening roll and the bow flattening roll and level them. 101. what is the start-up operation of pre coating? Start the main machine and the heating device to make the heating drum rotate and heat up to keep the heat uniform; The pressure rise makes the pressure rubber roller contact with the heating drum and rotate for pre temperature

102. What is the operation content of pre coated transfer printing

do a good job in sorting out the surface state of printed matter, adjust the rule board, and automatically or manually continue the paper

103. What is the rewinding operation content of the test report printed by A4 printer for the pre coating film

start the winding device, wind the composite onto the winding shaft, and control the appropriate tension

104. What is the content of the pre coating slitting operation

cut and store the integrated composite products as a single sheet of paper, inspect the quality and count the quantity

105. What are the technical parameters of the pre coating process

as long as the three technical parameters of temperature, pressure and speed are well mastered, the normal film covering production can be basically guaranteed. Temperature (actual temperature of heating drum surface): 85 ~ 95 ℃ for general products; Special products (thick printing ink layer, deep color, high paper weight, high water content) 90 ~ 105 ℃. Pressure: 10 ~ 15MPa; Speed: (print running speed) 8 ~ 12m/min

106. What are the main factors affecting the quality of film covering

in addition to the process parameters such as temperature, pressure and speed (adhesive coating and printing running speed), the two main factors affecting the coating quality are as follows: ① the influence of the ink layer condition of printed matter on the coating quality. ② The influence of ambient temperature and humidity in the laminating Workshop on the laminating quality

107. What are the conditions of the ink layer of the printed matter that have an impact on the quality of the lamination

the impact on the quality of the film is mainly the impact on the adhesive strength between the printed matter and the film. The ink layer condition of printed matter mainly refers to the nature of the paper, ink performance, ink layer thickness, image and text area and printing image and text density

108. What is the effect of ink additives on the film quality

① the function of ink diluents. The commonly used ink diluents are white ink, viride oil and gloss paste. Among them, there are obvious powdery particles in the white ink, which are not tightly combined with the binder. After printing, these pigment particles will float on the paper and hinder the adhesion. VILI oil is rolled from aluminum hydroxide and binder. Because aluminum hydroxide is light, it often floats on the surface of the ink layer after printing. When covering the film, an isolation layer is formed between the adhesive and the ink layer, resulting in poor adhesion or foaming. Bright paste is made of resin, dry vegetable oil, desiccant, etc., with fine texture and bright conjunctiva. It has similar properties to the film covering adhesive mainly composed of conjugated multi bond terpene resin. They have good affinity and can firmly adsorb polypropylene film 16 Machine weight: About 180kg on the ink surface. ② Addition and discharge of dry oil. Adding dry oil to the ink can accelerate the drying of imprinting. However, the large amount of dry oil is easy to form a bright and smooth low interface layer on the surface of the ink layer. The adhesive is difficult to wet and penetrate, affecting the fastness of the coating. Therefore, the amount of dry oil should be controlled

109. What is the effect of powder spraying method on the quality of film covering

offsctdruckereien adopts the process of powder spraying to prevent the printed matter from getting dirty, and a layer of fine particles is formed on the surface of the powder spraying ink layer. The laminating adhesive is not bonded with the ink layer everywhere, but with these powders, forming a false adhesion phenomenon, which seriously affects the laminating quality. Therefore, the products to be coated should avoid the use of powder spraying technology. For the printed matter that has been sprayed, dry cloth should be used to wipe off the powder one by one. The essence of dirty printing is ink. In order to solve this problem, we must improve the ink process by adding 10% gram adhesive to the ink in proportion, which is very effective in preventing dirty printing. After the ink is added with viscose, it not only prevents the ink from being dirty and does not affect the hue and color saturation of the printed product, but also makes the ink layer brighter and the dots clearer, and it is more convenient for post press processing processes, such as calendering, film coating, bronzing, etc. G adhesive can replace dry oil, powder spray and other anti sticking and dirty materials

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