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The power of "instant" customer experience

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some time ago, I published a blog to discuss why the development of customer experience is slow and stagnant, and even the best companies are struggling to find ways to break the situation

the reason is that today's customer needs are becoming more and more demanding, and if enterprises can only improve the experience at a slow speed, they cannot meet the current customer needs. For customers, they can't understand why they fill out the questionnaire and use feedback, because they think these measures can't really change anything

forrester believes that the next competitive point of customer experience (Cx) will be reflected in real-time customer experience. Therefore, enterprises must be equipped with corresponding capabilities to monitor and improve the customer experience in real time

real time customer experience will help enterprises:

first, realize market differentiation

few enterprises can achieve real-time customer experience now. Most of them just stayed at the stage of waiting for the results after the investigation. After obtaining the feedback, they repeated the process repeatedly, but there was no actual effect

promote key enterprises in the petrochemical and surface coating industries to implement governance II. Retain customers

enterprises will win great favor from customers if they can realize their anxiety, quickly resolve their anxiety and meet their needs. This unexpected demand satisfaction can not only enhance the corporate image, but also strengthen the brand loyalty

III. win new customers

continuously improved products and services are bound to attract new buyers and experimenters. Why can Tesla models attract so many old customers of Audi, Mercedes Benz and Cadillac in the past four years? This is because Tesla has been upgrading software periodically to continuously optimize the quality and performance of its products, while other brands have ignored this regular optimization of products

this is why Forrester developed feedback now 2.0 to help enterprises realize real-time customer experience

feedback now 2.0 is a set of real-time feedback solutions. In the current scenario and software interaction, multi-dimensional data collection points are deployed at the same time, and machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies are used to screen user feedback to ensure that enterprises can focus on the key links that have the most significant impact on customer experience. At present, feedback now 2.0 serves more than 200 enterprises in the world in terms of structural materials, and daily (3) analyzes more than 350000 user feedback data in real time for the plasticization of passenger car body and structural parts

combined with Forrester's more than 20 years of customer experience research foundation, customer experience consulting ability and in-depth insight of customer experience analysts, feedback now will help enterprises break the deadlock of stagnant customer experience development and enter the era of real-time customer experience

george colony

forrester founder, chairman and CEO

george is one of the most influential thought leaders in the global business and technology field

in the more than 30 years since the establishment of Forrester, George and his staff have devoted themselves to building Forrester into a leading third-party independent research and consulting company in the world, and have set up offices in more than 30 countries around the world

george summed up the experience and value Forrester brought to the enterprise as direct and real suggestions (Teijin regards "green chemistry" as its main business direct, honest advice). He said that when I visit customers, my mission is only one: tell customers something they don't know

george has published many groundbreaking views and opinions in the field of business and technology. These views and insights involve many concepts in the field of business technology, including the birth of client/server computing, the disillusionment of the Internet foam, the emergence of social computing, the transformation from back-end technology to business technology, and the expansion of networks that connect the physical world with the digital information world. Recently, George studied the business opportunities brought by the application network, which is a new computing model that combines the capabilities of local devices with the scale of the cloud

george has also attended many international conferences and forums and delivered speeches, including the world economic forum held in Davos, Switzerland and Dalian, China, the fortune international science and technology brainstorming conference, the SBS Seoul Digital Forum, the United Nations Conference on net world order: bridging the global digital divide, the ICT World Forum @cebit, the LeWeb conference, the University of Cambridge, the California Republic club, and the Churchill Club in Silicon Valley. George also taught at MIT's Sloan School of management

george's research has been cited by many media journals such as Wall Street, the economist, the New York Times, BusinessWeek, the financial times and the Massachusetts Sloan Management Review

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