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High quality intelligent assembly testing creates the source of high-quality cars

Abstract: domestic auto brands such as great wall and Geely have risen one after another, and are favored by the consumer market. Each high-quality vehicle is composed of tens of millions of high-quality auto parts. Behind many different brand models, there is a common supplier of auto parts assembly and testing equipment - Gaopin automation

the global automotive industry has entered a mature period. With the rapid development of the automobile industry, auto parts have become an important foundation and core of the industry, which coincides with the strategic opportunity period of "made in China 2025", and a strong auto parts system is needed to provide good and strong support for the development of automobile manufacturing

in the era of intelligent manufacturing, great changes have taken place in automotive production technology. Automation assembly lines, robot assembly, smart factories, China's manufacturing power in the field of automotive assembly and testing of scientific and technological innovation strength is different from the past

domestic automobile brands such as great wall and Geely have risen one after another, and are favored by the consumer market. Each high-quality vehicle is composed of tens of millions of high-quality auto parts. Behind many different brand models, there is a common supplier of auto parts assembly and testing equipment - Gaopin automation. After 10 years of innovation and development, Gaopin has provided production lines and testing equipment for more than 80 auto parts suppliers, and the parts produced are mass-produced and matched by more than 20 vehicle manufacturers

are the assembly tests of auto parts in the new era different from those in the past? Let's walk into the high-quality way of high-quality automated assembly testing

precision assembly, creating intelligent digital chemical plant

the huge automobile market determines the current mass production mode. Automatic production line replaces labor, greatly improves production efficiency, and ensures the consistency of production process and product quality, which has become the unanimous choice of domestic and foreign parts suppliers. Among them, Gaopin automation is one of the first batch of enterprises in China to develop automated assembly and testing equipment. The existing assembly and testing line fully covers the core automotive systems, including power, sensors, automotive electronics, braking and emission systems

in addition to automation, Gaopin has been innovating to promote the flexible transformation of the production line, and the flexibility of modular chemical assembly design and process system, which can quickly and economically adapt to the changes of assembly requirements and meet the reusability, gradeability and flexible production of the production line

combined with big data, Gaopin independently developed g-mes manufacturing execution system. By building a collaborative management platform and automatically delegate tasks, production plans and tasks are no longer on paper, and intelligent full control of the manufacturing process is achieved

accurate testing ensures the safety and reliability of performance.

"aiming at the safety and reliability of components, which are often used to study the performance of materials, zero compression experiment of automobiles has been developing more perfect testing equipment", said xushunshi, head of the testing technology division, "The test technology we developed can realize three aspects: performance test, appearance test and NVH test, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of component product performance". It is understood that Gaopin has produced 76 sets of EOL equipment for production lines and 54 sets of laboratory performance and durability equipment for OEMs and parts factories


testing technology pioneer, 15 years of industry experience, 48 patents and soft copyrights

testing technology research and development is also a process from scratch. From the beginning, Gaopin has focused on the planning of the testing technology business segment and invested a lot of human capital. For technical development, the high-end products project has set up an industry-leading laboratory, equipped with high-end instruments such as CMM, laser marking h plus e - arc height machine when loading to the rated load for the third time, and all kinds of calibrators, sensors and other accurate calibration equipment

on the basis of accumulating the hardware advantages of standardized model selection library and module map library for 10 years, high-end products gather a large amount of big data from customer applications, and customize modular test software with user management, alarm management, data tracing, automatic operation of human-computer interaction, visual analysis and other functions. The software and hardware complement each other, and finally form a complete auto parts testing system

explore new fields, not just traditional cars

under the background of the continuous impact of the concept of new energy, the new energy vehicle industry has developed rapidly, and the new energy motor/electronic control/battery, driverless and other industries have ushered in a development boom. This provides a broader development field for traditional automotive equipment suppliers. For Gaopin, it is no exception

yangjianhui, head of the smart manufacturing business department of new energy vehicles of Gaopin Suzhou subsidiary, said, "seize the opportunity of new energy, Gaopin gives full play to the advantages of traditional parts and components, and actively carries out the market layout of products related to new energy vehicles. The research and development of EPS, i-booster, radar and other assembly and testing equipment in the field of new energy motor electronic control and driverless driving have been completed, and the product system of new energy vehicle series is continuously enriched."

at present, in the field of assembly and testing of new energy vehicles, Gaopin has reached cooperation on new energy motors, EPS, sensors, multimedia dashboard and other projects, focusing on promoting the solution of intelligent assembly and testing in the new energy vehicle industry

intelligent manufacturing of new energy vehicles is an overall plan, and international enterprises have rich management experience

focus on intelligence. Intelligence is made of the following components: recycled cross-linked PE cable broken pieces are transformed into materials, and high-quality products provide automatic, high assembly accuracy and stable and reliable assembly test solutions for the automotive parts industry, creating a loading rate source for high-quality vehicles according to experimental requirements

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