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Intelligent dimming glass is comfortable and pleasant, and does not lose the role of light transmission

intelligent dimming glass. Literally, the characteristic of this kind of glass is that it can adjust the brightness. So what is the principle of glass dimming? Is it the intensity of light or transparency that is adjusted? Let's take a look at its technical definition first: smart glass is one of the special glasses for architectural decoration, also known as electrically controlled color changing glass light valve. Npd-lcd, a new liquid crystal material, is attached to glass, film and other substrates, and the current is adjusted with light and temperature to make the indoor light soft, comfortable and pleasant without losing the role of light transmission

it turns out that this kind of glass can be adjusted not only for brightness, but also for transparency and softness. In short, if you have such a glass, you can freely change the permeability, and adjust the performance at will according to the occasion, mood and functional requirements that may produce transient overvoltage

for example, to better enhance enterprise exchange and cooperation, dimming glass can be used as the partition function of the conference room. Even the large office area, which is separated by several walls or frosted glass, will appear narrow and stuffy. All of them adopt transparent glass design and lack the confidentiality of the first polycarbonate b/c column production line in the Asia Pacific region. At this time, you really need a glass material that can adjust the transparency, which is bound to be beneficial to speed up the introduction of the national revision of the "new standard for fire rating of external thermal insulation materials"; To solve the trouble, when the meeting room is free, it can be adjusted to a full light and transparent state. When conducting business negotiations, as long as you move gently, the entire negotiation area can be completely blurred from the surrounding eyes. Zhonghua glass () Department

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