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Intelligent customer service robot serves millions of people on the national day, Ctrip creates a new service experience

with the end of the 8-day National Day holiday, tourists have embarked on a return journey. It is reported that on November this year, while playing and relaxing, more consumers enjoy a new service experience in Ctrip. Recently, Ctrip announced that during the National Day golden week, the new version of customer service robot has served more than one million people, and artificial intelligence has played a big role in the field of tourism services

in recent years, traveling has become the right way to open the National Day holiday. The Mid Autumn Festival this year collided with the National Day holiday, which lasted for eight days, and the tourism market was extremely hot

according to the "2017 National Day Mid Autumn Festival holiday tourism trend report and popularity ranking list" jointly released by Ctrip and the China Tourism Research Institute, this year's 8-day super golden week of the National Day Mid Autumn Festival has formed the world's largest centralized tourism boom, with an estimated 710million people traveling, equivalent to more than half of Chinese people traveling abroad for vacation

it is worth mentioning that during the National Day travel, Ctrip users' service needs were better met, which is inseparable from the help of customer service robots. Ctrip big data shows that from October 1 to 7, customer service robots have served more than 1million people, significantly reducing the strength of consumer booking fees

according to the introduction, benefiting from the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly improved. Ctrip has made many breakthroughs in artificial intelligence technology, and applied it to the field of tourism services to further improve the user experience. Among them, customer service robot is one of the innovative services based on artificial intelligence

in September 2016, Ctrip was the first in the industry to use customer service robot system on a large scale. In May 2017, the self-developed deep neural network customer service robot was launched, and the customer service operation efficiency and user experience were greatly improved. In just a few months, the service volume of customer service robots accounted for more than 70% of the total after-sales customer service volume of air tickets and hotels, and showed a rapid growth momentum. While driving the upgrading of tourism service quality with technological innovation, Ctrip continues to lead the new trend of observing the tourism industry with electron microscope and optical microscope

since most of the springs are used in machinery and vehicles, and the main components are in the intelligent booking guide link, the service volume of the customer service robot has accounted for more than 40% of the total customer service volume of ticket booking. At present, Ctrip is combining the dual advantages of Ctrip's massive tourism big data and artificial intelligence, taking the lead in investing in the shopping guide and tour guide mode of the next generation voice semantic AI, and driving new changes in the service mode of the tourism industry with technological innovation

only by combining technological innovation with high-quality services and providing more convenient one-stop linkage services, can we better respond to the growing needs of users, which is exactly Ctrip's biggest advantage. Sun Jie, CEO of Ctrip, said

it is not just consumers who benefit from it. For Ctrip, through the intelligent cooperation of customer service robots, manual customer service is liberated from repetitive consulting and other affairs, which can provide consumers with higher quality services. For example, the customer service robot has greatly improved the service efficiency of Ctrip ticket department, which can be increased by more than 10 times compared with traditional customer service

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