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China's intelligent building system integration has gone through three stages

China's intelligent building system integration has gone through three stages: subsystem function integration, control system and control network integration, information system and information network integration

there are successful reports in today's systems. The concept of integration technology is obviously different from that of a few years ago. No matter the control system or information system in the building is no longer centered on the processor or server. With the increase of the content of hydrophilic monomer Tris in inp4h-hema-tris system, the increase of its oxygen permeability has formed complexion. The development of integrated application system is no longer process oriented, but data oriented. Wood based panel experimental machines are mainly used in various wood-based panel consumption enterprises and quality inspection departments

single, closed and difficult to use technologies and systems will be difficult to survive. Single technology and application, independent collaborative environment and stand-alone environment can no longer meet the needs of applications. Those technologies and applications that are built on the open information network, closely combined with the application requirements, and can be flexibly embedded into the global information network framework will have strong vitality to realize the design and imagination of installation structure points that cannot be completed by the traditional material processing methods

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