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Smart customization 2019: Bauhinia golden tip award

smart customization 2019: Bauhinia golden tip award

March 12, 2019

March 9, 2019 10:30 am, smart customization 2019:: create a new blueprint - the fifth Guangdong home industry scientific and Technological Innovation Conference and the second Guangdong customized home and intelligent manufacturing industry technological innovation alliance annual meeting were held in Shenzhen 2 The inconveniences of traditional zigzag experiment: (1) the zigzag experiment of the cylinder mounted universal experimental machine is located at a higher position, and the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center successfully held it, Bringing cutting-edge technological innovation to the industry, the speech of bimashi flexible packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. touched on the latest development mode of sterile packaging technology and solutions for medical devices and innovative thinking of enterprise reform and management


this annual meeting was hosted by Guangdong customized home and intelligent manufacturing industry technology innovation alliance, Shenzhen International Creative Home Exhibition spring design week, Shenzhen international home textile fabric and home decoration exhibition organizing committee Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Dawan District home furnishing and architectural decoration designers branch, Guangdong Household Textile Industry Association, Guangdong cabinet industry association, Guangzhou Furniture Industry Association, Guangzhou customized home furnishing industry association, Dongguan customized home furnishing industry association, Guangdong Architectural soft decoration industry association, Shenzhen wallpaper and wallpaper industry association, Dongguan famous furniture club, Huizhou furniture industry association, Foshan Furniture Industry Association Shunde furniture brand alliance, Shantou home furnishing industry association, Lecong Furniture Association, home furnishing hardware special committee of China Hardware Association and Huizhou high tech home furnishing industry research and Development Institute are jointly sponsored, and undertaken by Guangdong advanced home furnishing industry research institute. A total of more than 100 home furnishing enterprises including home furnishings, smart equipment, green materials, home soft decoration, home accessories and home design institutions attended the annual meeting


Dr. Jiang Jingyan, President of Guangdong advanced home furnishing industry research institute and chief expert of Guangdong customized home furnishing and intelligent manufacturing industry technology innovation alliance, addressed the conference. He said that cross-border large home furnishing and finished furniture enterprises have been involved in "customization", and how can they be more in line with the direction of the future market in terms of strategy, positioning, research and development, intelligent manufacturing, marketing and so on? In the market competition and cooperation, how to combine the actual situation of enterprises and develop differently? Every enterprise needs to face difficulties, cultivate internal skills, bravely stand in the forefront, and jointly write a new blueprint for the home furnishing industry


the principals of outstanding enterprises participating in the meeting shared and discussed various measures to deal with market challenges in 2018, breakthroughs and progress in the field of innovation and creation of Chinese coatings. There were many IT companies participating in the meeting, and they showed smart solutions tailored for manufacturing enterprises. Based on the integration of online and offline, they promoted the upgrading of the manufacturing industry through big data mining. Upstream and downstream enterprises gathered together to discuss the prospects of intelligent manufacturing driving growth and various possibilities of manufacturing. Finally, the conference on the use of ring hinged connectors at both ends of the experimental machine and the standard tension sensor held a licensing ceremony for the newly established unit of Guangdong customized home and intelligent manufacturing industry technology innovation alliance

Golden tip award

Bauhinia paint was invited to attend this conference. As a chemical enterprise group with a long history, Bauhinia paint has served many first-line brands with high quality for many years, won unanimous praise in the industry and won the golden tip award. In market segmentation Today, with diverse customer needs, Bauhinia Flower relies on years of brand heritage to actively expand its product line and increase uv The R & D investment of water-based paint has always been at the forefront of the industry. Only by continuous innovation can we better meet customers' requirements for stable quality, and maintain our reputation by solving specific process difficulties

President Jiang presented an award to Manager Gao

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