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Intelligent control of the future! BICES 2019, Shantui will attack in full dress

intelligent control of the future! BICES 2019, Shantui will attack in full dress

China Construction machinery information

on September 4, the high-profile 2019 Beijing international construction machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition (BICES 2019) kicked off at the China International Expo Center. As one of the top 50 global construction machinery companies, Shantui adheres to independent innovation and quality first under the guidance of the national strategy. This year, Shantui made a heavy debut with the new concept of "high-low, fast and complete" products and services, as well as the brand-new products of tudao loading and excavation concrete machinery, which won the great interest of customers and an endless stream of on-site visitors

Shantui's "high-low, fast and complete" concept release and new product launch site this exhibition, Shantui has a total of two booths for hosts and accessories. The Shantui host exhibition hall is 1400 square meters, located in booth 666 of indoor hall E2. Shantui's new gold medal products include 12 products representing the industry's advanced level, such as bulldozers, L-Series loaders, mine graders, hydraulic single drive rollers, Intelligent Laboratory mixing plants, excavators, etc. At the same time, Shantui e3.335 will also be regularly maintained after use. The accessories booth will display a series of accessories products, including transmission system assemblies such as gearbox and torque converter, lubricating tracks, rubber tracks, integral chassis and other series of tracks, so as to show the charm of "made in China" with high quality

the leaders participating in the meeting jointly launched the launch of new products of Shantui

"high and low fast and complete", and the brand was highlighted

on the first day of the exhibition, Shantui held the "high and low fast and complete" concept release and new product launch. Qi Jun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Wang Jinxing, Deputy Secretary General of the association, Zhang Min, general manager of Shantui Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., Wang Fei, general manager of Shantui reconstruction machinery, Li Dianhe, chairman of Degong machinery, and other relevant industry leaders attended, Jointly launch the launch of new products

general manager Zhang Min of Shantui presided over the release of the "high-low, fast and complete" product and service concept

general manager Zhang Min presided over the release of the "high-low, fast and complete" product and service concept, comprehensively interpreting "high attendance, low use cost, fast service response, and integrated construction of a full range of products". The concept of "high-low, fast and complete" starts from the customer experience, including not only products, but also services. Its purpose is to continuously improve customer satisfaction. Shantui constantly explores science and technology to ensure the reliable performance and high attendance rate of products through innovative development; Equipped with self-developed core parts and the golden power system of Shandong heavy industry group, the products can give full play to the best performance, supplemented by excellent after-sales service, reduce fuel efficiency and reduce use costs; Rapid response to demand, with convenient and efficient services, a wide range of service points and a comprehensive online service network of Shantui E Road bank to provide customers with accurate solutions; The integrated construction of the whole series of products forms a one-stop comprehensive technical solution

Shantui host booth

Shantui accessories booth

brand new products, dazzling launch

40 years to forge ahead, Shantui has accumulated brand influence to the world with its strength, and has continuously made important contributions to the development of China's construction machinery industry. Over the years, Shantui has continued to work intensively in the field of construction machinery. Through continuous technological accumulation and precipitation, while maintaining the leader of the "bulldozer" industry, Constantly enrich the product line, and comprehensively open the multi line development of road machinery, loaders, concrete equipment and excavators

intelligent control upgrade of dh24c2 XL full hydraulic bulldozer, with high efficiency and energy saving, real-time intelligent matching of working load and lower fuel consumption. The newly upgraded national III electronically controlled engine is adopted, with a maximum output power of 265hp, surging power, heavy load, standard and energy-saving operation modes, which can be switched independently according to the actual working conditions. The shock absorption and sealing system of the cab is deeply optimized, and the display and control terminal is humanized, accurate, convenient, luxurious and comfortable, providing users with excellent driving experience

sr26h-5c roller adopts the patented new vibrating wheel of Shantui, which has higher compaction efficiency. Matched with Weichai wp6g engine and Linde heavy-duty hydraulic system, it has strong power, high efficiency and fuel saving; The hydraulic walking system has two gear speed changes, flexible steering, an integral sealed cab, and a wide field of vision. It refreshes the gb/t12583 ⑼ 8 lubricant extreme pressure performance measurement method (4 ball machine method) to improve the driving experience

sg grader heavy-duty working device and high-strength frame are specially used for mine working conditions. The whole machine is matched with Weichai WP7 engine, with sufficient torque reserve to ensure stable output in extreme environments; Longer service life, stronger load, more suitable for the working environment in the mine area; Optimize the structure and improve the service life of the working device; The combination instrument designed by man-machine integration embodies the data indication, monitoring and early warning functions of each instrument; Full view luxury cab, good sealing performance, UV resistant glass, more personalized design

l58-c3 loader officially launched in 2019, with low fuel consumption, fast speed-up, strong explosive force and high operation efficiency. Longer wheelbase, more stable, more efficient, less tire wear, low energy consumption; Improve heat dissipation efficiency; The optimization and strengthening of structural parts, robot welding, and reliable quality; Equipped with a new generation of fully sealed cab and molded engine cover, it has noise reduction, dust prevention and fashionable appearance

sjhs100-i Intelligent Laboratory mixing plant, fully automatic operation, high efficiency, modular design of the overall structure, convenient disassembly and transfer. Automatic data storage and controllable process; Single disk of double horizontal shaft mixing host can achieve 0.04m ³ The production of concrete has the function of variable speed mixing, high efficiency and good uniformity of concrete; The high-precision metering system can meet the special process requirements of segmented metering and multi-point unloading; Intelligent control leads the intelligent future

se500lc excavator focuses on mine working conditions, high-end intelligent control, energy saving and high efficiency. It has the first-class electronic control system in the industry, which can adjust the engine speed and pump power, make full use of the engine power and reduce fuel consumption; Compared with the same model in the industry, the work efficiency is increased by 10%, the fuel consumption is reduced by 5%, and the efficiency and energy saving are achieved; The combination of top hydraulic components and engines in the industry and the industry-leading positive flow control mode greatly improve the controllability of the whole machine and make it easy to deal with mine operations; The advanced independent oil dispersion control mode makes the whole machine run in a good working environment all the time; Shantui chassis has 30-year quality assurance, and is fully equipped with Shantui mine type four-wheel belt as standard, without fear of bad working conditions; The structure evolves, the service life is improved, and a new driving experience is provided

5g remote control, foresee the future

2019 is the key year for Shantui to accelerate transformation and upgrading and achieve breakthroughs in key areas. With the rapid development of science and technology, 5g technology has become a new trend. Therefore, the 5g remote control demonstration on the exhibition site attracted a large number of visitors to stop. Through the remote control of the de17 bulldozer in Jining on the 5g exhibition site, the construction operations such as bulldozing, shoveling, loading and unloading were realized, and the whole venue was ignited. Intelligent creation makes remote control operation simpler and more comfortable; 5g technology and interconnection make the construction more efficient. Through remote control, Shantui will fully demonstrate "Unicom intelligence and innovative value"

Wang Jinxing, Deputy Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, experienced 5g control

in the field of construction machinery, 5g is expected to make a variety of impossible applications possible, making the operation more accurate, allowing the equipment to operate independently, and minimizing the communication delay between people and equipment. With the advent of 5g era, the development of all links in the construction machinery industry, such as: products, R & D, intelligent and unmanned machinery; Manufacturing plant; Customer service and after-sales service management of products; The management of the whole product life cycle will produce disruptive changes, which will promote the construction machinery industry to develop at a higher speed, healthier and more sustainable. At the same time, through 5g intelligent equipment, the construction machinery industry will provide better services for customers and provide accurate data support for the R & D and improvement of enterprise products

high quality service, one touch

Shantui and Unicom jointly build the "Shantui E-road travel" app client, providing customers with a more reliable and convenient information channel. During the exhibition, Shantui e road travel app also received widespread attention. As a Shantui intelligent service app that integrates Internet, cloud computing and big data technology, Shantui e road travel provides functions such as one click repair, one click maintenance, equipment positioning, equipment working conditions, intelligent early warning, intelligent dispatch, information exchange, opinion feedback, etc., so as to establish a convenient communication and service bridge between customers and Shantui. It is faster to apply for repair with one click, more timely to make improvement suggestions, more comprehensive equipment management, faster quality warning, easier to buy accessories, more convenient to stop continuous stretching of rubber products with or without cuts at a regular speed, and more convenient to share information, "Shantui service, anytime and anywhere", which really allows customers to do it with one click without leaving home

"Shantui E-road travel" app

customer satisfaction is the purpose of Shantui and a solemn commitment to customers. Over the past 40 years, Shantui has always adhered to independent innovation, manufacturing high-quality products, leading the development of the industry, doing a good job in products and serving the post market with practical actions, creating higher value for customers and achieving sustainable and steady development. Adhering to the product and service concept of "high-low, fast and complete", Shantui will continue to explore cutting-edge technology and strive to become an enterprise that pays most attention to customers' personalized needs and customer service. In the future, Shantui will accelerate the transformation and upgrading, achieve breakthroughs in key areas, and win the future hand in hand with agents and customers

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