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Liu Zhigang believes that it is very important to strengthen technology

"go in with a cotton padded jacket and come out with a shirt." In the words of LIUZHIGANG, Secretary of the Party branch and general manager of Bengbu China building materials information display materials Co., Ltd., every technical breakthrough is like going through a cold and hot weather - sticking to the high-temperature production line for 24 hours for two consecutive weeks, which makes people sweat profusely even in the cold winter, but as long as it can contribute even a piece of data, some experience and a bit of strength to China Glass's continued leadership in the world, It can also make people feel happy like autumn harvest

Liu Zhigang, a native of Luoyang, Henan Province, has been engaged in the production, R & D and management of ultra-thin float glass in the production line for more than 30 years. He has won the first prize of the national science and technology progress award, the first prize of the science and Technology Progress Award in the building materials industry and many other honors. He is the "outstanding craftsman of Jianghuai" and "technical leader" in Anhui Province, and is also the first batch of "Dayu talents" evaluated by our city. In 2017, Liu Zhigang came to Bengbu China building materials information display materials Co., Ltd. under the personal guidance of academician Peng Shou and the technical support of Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute, he led the team to focus on overcoming technical difficulties, successfully developed the world's thinnest glass of 0.12mm, and promoted its mass production

ultra thin electronic touch glass is the core material of the electronic information display industry, which can be widely used in, computers, televisions and other display terminals. In today's light, portable and multifunctional electronic products, the thinner the glass material used, the better its transparency and flexibility, and the lighter the weight of the product. But the glass is too thin and extremely fragile. How can we give consideration to the thickness, strength and toughness of the glass? In the past, such technology was only in the hands of a few foreign enterprises, which seriously affected the safety of the national information display industry

0.33 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.15 mm Over the years, Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute has unswervingly adhered to independent innovation and refreshed the thin production record of China's ultra-thin electronic glass again and again. After Liu Zhigang came to Bengbu, he took a step further to strengthen the technical research on ultra-thin electronic touch glass, guided the technical team to attack technology, seek parameters, and integrate the process in the process of centralized production, guided the quality management team to analyze and grasp defects frequently, and made new breakthroughs in the key core technology field of electronic information display by relying on innovation drive. In April, 2018, the industrialized batch stable production of 0.12mm ultra-thin float glass achieved a leap from 1.1mm "ultra-thin" to 0.12mm "extremely thin", breaking the monopoly of foreign products and technologies, providing a strong basic raw material support for the development of China's glass industry, and once again creating the world's thinnest record led by float technology, which has been maintained so far, It marks that China's glass industry has achieved an important leap from "following", "parallel" to "leading" in the world

"the 5g era has come, the trend of interconnection of everything and human-computer interaction has become increasingly prominent. In the future, display will be everywhere, and display glass will also develop rapidly in the direction of ultra-thin, large-scale and multifunctional, with a very broad market prospect." Liu Zhigang said that the technology in the glass industry is updated rapidly. For technology research and development and market share, if you don't advance, you will fall back. At present, I am working towards the direction of "thinner glass" in accordance with the requirements of academician Peng Shou, leading the technology research team to increase the research and development of 0.10mm ultra-thin electronic touch glass, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in the key technology field of "appropriately file a part of the neck along the axis of the damping needle with a file" as soon as possible through continuous independent innovation, so as to add luster to the national industry and contribute to Bengbu's accelerated building of "China's Silicon Valley"

Liu Zhigang said that Bengbu has a good industrial foundation and development atmosphere. In recent years, departments at all levels have increased their support for all kinds of talents. Relying on these good support policies, the company has established an incentive mechanism for talent introduction, training and use, and has established long-term cooperative relations with Anhui Institute of electronic information technology, Anhui first light industry school, etc., effectively ensuring the innovation ability of the company's products and the sustainable development of the enterprise. At present, Bengbu Zhongjian building materials information display materials Co., Ltd., where I am located, is the only strategic emerging industry in China that has produced a full range of ultra-thin float electronic glass with a production and sales rate of more than 90% for three consecutive years, which has greatly enhanced the innovation vitality and core competitiveness of the enterprise

"in the next step, we will also give full play to our advantages in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements through the effective integration of our innovation chain and industrial chain, play the 'last mile' of the fastest growth in the central and Southern markets of the United States, from laboratory to industrialization, attract downstream enterprises to Bengbu, help Bengbu's scientific and technological innovation and industrial development, and strive to create good economic and social benefits." Liu Zhigang said

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