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Liugong: carry forward the "Guangxi spirit" and create the "world Liugong"

Liugong: carry forward the "Guangxi spirit" and create the "world Liugong"

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Guide: in the Global 100 twists and turns experiment, it should be carried out in many countries and regions within 55 days after the sample is removed from the medium. Guangxi Liugong Group actively practices the Guangxi spirit, expands the global market with excellent products and services, and has created a series of development miracles. The Southeast Asian market is close to customers, and innovative products win the market. On May 15, 2012, Liugong super long arm loading

in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, Guangxi Liugong group has actively practiced the "Guangxi spirit", expanded the global market with excellent products and services, and created development miracles one by one

Southeast Asian market - close to customers, innovative products win the market

on May 15, 2012, the departure ceremony of Liugong super long arm loaders exported to Thailand exceeded 300 and a single batch of 39 excavators was held at Liugong headquarters. So far, Liugong's export of ultra long arm loaders to Thailand has achieved a cumulative sales revenue of US $18million

in August 2011, Liugong successfully developed the super long arm loader, which can meet the special requirements of Thai customers such as high unloading and large bucket capacity. In that year, 126 sets were sold, an increase of nearly 20 times over the previous year, and the market share increased to 29%. From January to April this year, the sales of ultra long arm loaders reached 1, and more importantly, 31. The market share of loaders reached 43%, ranking first in the industry. At the same time, Liugong excavator also achieved rapid growth

at present, Liugong has 11 dealers and nearly 30 sales and service points in ASEAN countries, with an annual sales of more than 1500 sets. In Vietnam, Malaysia and other markets, Liugong brand has no less influence than caterpillar and other world-class brands, and has become one of the preferred brands for customers to purchase construction machinery

European market - unity and competition, excellent service to promote growth

Europe was shrouded in the haze of the European debt crisis in 2012. The more difficult the market is, the more necessary it is to fully meet the requirements of gb/t 17617 "method for testing the strength of cement mortar (ISO method)" and forge ahead. Liugong Europe launched a large-scale "European service journey" activity in February this year

in Poland and Turkey, Liugong held technical training on Loaders and excavators, which was attended by dealers from 12 countries including Sweden, Norway and Finland, which is the largest service training carried out by Liugong in Europe so far; In various European countries, the "service ten thousand miles" team traveled more than 8900 kilometers in all weathers, and visited nearly 40 key customers and 64 Liugong products. From central cities to remote towns, from roads under construction to farmland dams, from waste factories to laterite aluminum mines, Liugong workers left the mark of "service ten thousand miles"

in the world's most high-end European construction machinery market, Liugong sold 1253 complete machines in 2011, with a sales revenue of 367million yuan, an increase of more than 170% year-on-year. In 2012, Liugong Europe will challenge difficulties with excellent service and strive to write a more magnificent chapter

Liugong Poland - openness, inclusiveness, unity and miracles

on May 9 this year, in the city of stalowa Wola, Poland, Liugong Poland held a warm celebration to celebrate the successful offline of the first loader and excavator, marking a historic and important step in the localized production of Liugong series products in Europe

since the official acquisition of the construction machinery business of HSW company in Poland in January, Liugong has been actively engaged in localized production of products. However, the customs clearance of the first batch of two CKD (full bulk) materials sent to Poland was delayed by one week. At this time, there were only 11 days left before the product was released to the ground, and early May was a traditional holiday in Poland. The Polish working team of Liugong rose to the challenge, immediately selected excellent soldiers and strong generals to form a commando team, and quickly adjusted the installation plan. The Polish employees also gave up the scheduled vacation plan. The two sides overcame language and cultural differences, worked together in unity and harmony, worked together in good faith, and finally completed the assembly task one day ahead of schedule

at present, the localized production scale of Liugong series products continues to expand, the integration of the world's leading dressta brand bulldozer product line is also advancing rapidly, and Liugong Poland is rapidly growing into an important bridgehead of Liugong in the European market


in 2012, the export of Liugong machine increased by 20% year-on-year, hitting a new record. Liugong has more than 380 overseas marketing subsidiaries in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, and its dealers cover 115 countries. The two overseas manufacturing bases in India and Poland have become a strong support for Liugong's internationalization. Adhering to the spirit of "openness, inclusiveness and innovation", Liugong people are holding high the banner of China's national industry and making great strides to realize the grand blueprint of "world Liugong"

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