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Liu yuanqiang: the packaging machinery is "made in China" (Part 2)

the high-tech requirements are more suitable for our machining positioning. Siemens and Mitsubishi are used for electronics, SMC products from Japan are used for pneumatic components, Turk from Germany is used for photoelectric detection system, and te from France is used for electrical components. The sealing hot melt glue machine adopts the products of nuoxin company in the United States, and wanshide has become one of the largest users of nuoxin hot melt glue machine in China. Carton packing machine also drives the development of heat shrinkable film wrapping machine. In 2004, we produced and sold more than ten beer shrinkable film wrapping machines. At the sinopack exhibition in 2004, we put forward the slogan of "manufacturing first-class products of China's secondary packaging machinery", which won wide praise from customers

this print: what are the advantages of using automatic packing machines for packaging of consumer goods such as beer and beverages

Liu: the light industry traditionally uses a large number of manual operations. This kind of labor-intensive work scene is rare in the United States, especially in Europe. Many domestic and foreign-funded breweries are trying to improve the automation of secondary packaging. The former inventory has fallen from 2 months to 7 days. Soon, Budweiser engineers and technicians from the United States visited wanshide, hoping to use our equipment to improve the packing efficiency of domestic breweries. The manufacturing manager of a large carton factory in the United States also hopes to order packing machines to automate fruit packing. The carton packing machine not only has the advantages of light carrying, convenient protection and good chemical resistance, but also is widely used in the rear packaging of beer and beverages. It will also be widely used in food, daily chemical and pharmaceutical industries

the economic advantages of automatic packing machine include: changing the loose appearance of traditional cartons after forming, making them more compact and beautiful, adjusting the carton structure, saving corrugated cardboard by more than 30%, thereby reducing enterprise costs; Replacing the transparent sealing tape with hot melt adhesive can effectively become the fastest-growing emerging industry in the city, reduce white pollution, adapt to the concept of environmental protection, and is also a necessary condition for products to be exported to Europe and the United States; Save labor and reduce labor production intensity

this print: what do you think will be the manufacturing trend of packaging equipment in the future

Liu: in March, 2005, wanshide hosted the China beer and beverage packaging technology seminar. Insiders agreed that: equipment manufacturers should first respond to the current national policies and launch economic energy-saving equipment; Secondly, according to the needs of users in the packaging industry, we should develop flexible equipment to make the production line more capable. In the beer and beverage industry, the diversity of products and product packaging plays an important role in improving brand competitiveness, and the demand for flexible equipment is stronger

third, the equipment tends to be personalized, from appearance painting, color, to cable layout and safety door setting

some requirements of universal testing machine for plastics

Fourth, the utilization rate of equipment localization has increased significantly, and the export of packaging equipment has expanded

this print: can you share with us your experience in enterprise management

Liu: like many domestic enterprises, we attach importance to the investment in talents, technology and equipment. If the manufacturing industry wants to lead the industry, three factors are fundamental. We have hired a number of engineering and technical personnel from all over the country to make wanshide an ideal place for them to give full play to their talents. The company pays attention to contact with the outside world, including the same technical exchanges with domestic and foreign countries. It will participate in large-scale packaging equipment exhibitions at least twice a year to obtain the latest technical information through exchanges

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