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Liugong brings a variety of products to China

Liugong brings a variety of products to China ASEAN (Liuzhou) Auto Expo

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"the fourth China ASEAN (Liuzhou) auto, construction machinery and Parts Expo" (hereinafter referred to as "Auto Expo") was held in Liuzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 19 to 23, 2014. This Auto Expo will be jointly hosted by China Automobile Industry Association, China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd., China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of mechanical and electrical products, Guangxi Department of Commerce, Guangxi Bureau of International Expo Affairs and Liuzhou Municipal People's government, with a year-on-year increase of 25%, and jointly organized by China National Automobile Industry International Cooperation Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "China automobile international") and Liuzhou Municipal People's government, At present, it has been listed as one of the three major exhibitions in Guangxi this year by the government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and is a professional branch of the "China ASEAN Expo"

Liugong, as one of the manufacturers of the construction machinery sector of this professional branch, brought 10 mechanical equipment such as loaders, excavators and cranes to the exhibition. Among the products exhibited were not only our new H-series loaders, but also Liugong compressors, which were exhibited for the first time, as well as the 25 ton crane favored by customers, as well as our road equipment and industrial vehicle equipment. Take the exhibition as an opportunity to let more people know and know Liu Gong's equipment. At the same time, at the Expo site, Liugong was also favored by Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam, as well as many construction machinery lovers at home and abroad, which led to a number of purchase intentions

located in the emerging automobile city in southern China, which is closest to ASEAN, Liugong has been actively exploring the market of ASEAN countries. At present, it has set up many dealers and sales and service points in the ASEAN region, covering the whole range. On the other hand, technically complex dynamic machines and advanced static experimental machines are seriously in shortage in Southeast Asia. Its products also maintain a good market reputation in ASEAN countries, and its export share is rising year by year. Holding this Expo will once again show its industrial and geographical advantages. At the same time, Liugong, as the key enterprise invited by the construction machinery exhibition area in this exhibition, together with other enterprises, intensively displayed the overall image and strength of Liuzhou industry

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