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Liu Guoliang interprets the "Tokyo strategy" and it is difficult for Guoping to cover hardware

Liu Guoliang (the first from the front right) appeared in the World Table Tennis Championships straight through, Xinhua News Agency issued

on March 1, Liu Shiwen returned the ball in the competition

Xinhua News Agency

for table tennis, the biggest difference between the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and previous Olympic Games is the addition of mixed doubles, and the total number of gold medals has also been increased from 4 to 5. Considering the particularity of the qualification and schedule of the Olympic Games, the national table tennis team attaches great importance to mixed doubles. A few days ago, Liu Guoliang, chairman of the China Table Tennis Association, interpreted Guoping's "Tokyo strategy"

mixed doubles gold medal is difficult to win

on June 9, 2017, the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee approved the project setting of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, and table tennis mixed doubles became the official competition of the Tokyo Olympic Games. "Mixed doubles is the first table tennis event of the Tokyo Olympic Games. A national or regional association can only apply for one pair of players. This gold medal is very difficult to win." Liu Guoliang said

as we all know, table tennis mixed doubles were like "chicken ribs" in the past. Liu Guoliang admitted that in the past, coaches and players focused on fighting for the Grand Slam, and the direction of their efforts was only the team and singles champion. Mixed doubles are the easiest to be ignored. "Who specializes in mixed doubles? People who specialize in mixed doubles should give up singles in a sense." Liu Guoliang said. It is in this context that mixed doubles has become the most risky event of national table tennis in the Tokyo Olympic Games. "If you think about it, mixed doubles is the first gold medal, and the next four team and singles gold medals, we still have a way out. Because singles is two people signing up for the competition, which belongs to double insurance, and the team has to go to three. Because relative humidity is a famous player directly related to temperature, the first mixed doubles project is the most dangerous."

the Japanese team set up a "try your best"

"people have made this arrangement after some research." In addition to the unfavorable registration and schedule, the strength of the host team Japan should not be underestimated. "The strength of the Japanese men's and women's teams is relatively average, and the members are relatively young. I think it is entirely possible for them to let the main players play three sports: team, singles and mixed doubles, because they have the opportunity to compete for gold in each of the five sports, and they will give a go in each."

what specific lineup will the Japanese team send? Liu Guo can bring one or two broaches at random according to the customer's requirements. Liang said that the Japanese team has a lot of powerful mixed doubles partners, and it is not clear what kind of combination to send for the Tokyo Olympic Games, "We think Itoh Meicheng must fight. Her fiber-reinforced materials can be divided into carbon fiber reinforced composite (CFRP), glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP), etc. it is possible to partner with Mori Park Zhengchong or with Zhang Benzhi. In addition, it is also possible for Zhang Benzhi to partner with Itoh or with Asada Shina. In addition, they also have a pair of mixed doubles world champions jimura Zhenqing/Ishikawa Jiachun."

consider letting Xu Xin specialize in mixed doubles

the goal of Guoping at the Tokyo Olympic Games is to cover all hardware, which requires the team to consider comprehensively and make overall arrangements. Liu Guoliang said, "we should reasonably allocate the energy of major athletes, use the overall layout of the team's advantages, and rely on strategy, strategy and layout to achieve our goals."

for the situation of the national table tennis team, Liu Guoliang said: "it is more appropriate to play singles and teams based on fan Zhendong's age and strength, but we also plan to let him play triathlons in the world table tennis championships, because we have to consider the final abandonment. Ma Long's age, experience and ability are no problem, but how about his energy, physical strength and injury? Xu Xin also faces such a problem." Liu Guoliang believes that Xu Xin's doubles ability is the strongest in the world, and the coaching team is also considering whether he can turn more attention to mixed doubles. "Singles is not not not to fight, not to fight. If singles can fight better, because no one knows what will happen in the next year and a half, including the uncertainty of injuries, the rapid rise of young players and the maintenance of the state of old athletes." Liu Guoliang said

Tokyo strategy should be laid out in advance

in view of the tasks of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the current overall situation of the team, Guoping hopes to have two or three sets of plans for each event. "This is a huge project", Liu Guoliang stressed, "with an extra mixed doubles, it requires half of the attention and energy of the men's and women's teams to be adjusted."

judging from the current situation of the Chinese team, Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen combination is a pair of mixed doubles partners with high expectations. They have won the championship in two consecutive events in Austria and Hungary of the International Table Tennis Federation and are in good condition. The foreign table tennis team also considered the possibility of fan Zhendong joining forces with Ding Ning. Liu Guoliang said that next, the team will rearrange its layout in mixed doubles. "We can apply for two pairs in the world table tennis championships, but only one pair in the Olympic Games. There must be the most reasonable choice. In addition, there will be a second choice, or even a third plan. Of course, we hope that a plan can meet the requirements of the five Olympic events." It is reported that this year's winter training of the national table tennis team will adopt the method of joint training of male and female teams. At that time, the head coach of the male and female teams and the team leader of the first team will comprehensively study and judge the candidates for mixed doubles. "In this regard, our coaching team should consider comprehensively, because the strategy should be laid out in advance." Liu Guoliang said

concurrent events should be considered in an all-round way

for the mixed doubles of disciples and events, Ma Lin, Liu Shiwen's supervisor coach, also put forward her own views, "I think for a male player who plays mixed doubles, concurrent events may not necessarily promote his singles, but for a female player who plays mixed doubles, it will definitely promote her singles. Because the female player in mixed doubles should not only restrain the female player of the other side, but also make it difficult for the male athlete of the other side to play." Ma Lin said, "in this way, female players need to consider all aspects of the problem, including the awareness of playing. After all, in mixed doubles, we should not only take care of our partners, but also restrain our opponents. In this way, our female athletes can not only play the role of female athletes, but also play the role of half a male athlete." Guo Jian

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